good morning

on 12/1/13 9:29 pm - oshawa, Canada

Cant wait for the first call for appointments so excited 

My  family say that I seem so happy  and they see how hard I am struggling to try and eat three times a day 

hoping to have a surgery date before feb  cause if I loose enough weight  I want to try and fit back into my wedding dresses to susprise my husband with  renewing our vows 

also it would be nice not having to take as much medication

a very good friend  told me 

that  before you can ever love anyone or let them in your life 

You have to love yourself and be proud of yourself 

he told me that if you walk by a mirror  look at yourself and say damn I look good 

my kids are all grown and they still laugh cause I still do it 

when I clean house I have music blasting my favorite song is do you think I am sexy

my husband tells me everyday that i am beautiful  



referral Oct 2013,orientation Nov 25 2013, 1st  surgeon Dr Huyan  appt dec 10 2013, had blood work today dietitian Mar 10 8am ,social worker march 10 9 am,Nurse Clinican 10 am

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on 12/1/13 11:10 pm, edited 12/1/13 11:30 pm

Hi, Not trying to bust your bubble but having surgery before February may be unrealistic. There are of course appointments, tests, people ahead of you, Christmas Holidays coming up, and if something comes back from your tests that may need to be looked after before surgery ect. It could take up to a year if not longer. 

on 12/1/13 11:32 pm, edited 12/1/13 11:36 pm

Sounds like you are in a positive mind set....Not sure how long it will take, you may have surgery in Feb or may be later. It all depends on where your surgery is through ,some hospitals have a quicker turn around than others, and how backed up they are on appointments. And testing you may need to have done as well. Your husband sounds like your biggest supporter congrats..Good luck on your journy..Krista..

Refered Jan 15/13..Surgery June 27/13 , Dr Hagan.


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on 12/2/13 1:15 am - Canada

Have you looked at other timelines?  Even through Toronto, I have never seen anyone go 4 months from referral to surgery.  Use the time to prepare yourself mentally and physically for the changes.  Sounds like you have a very optimistic outlook and spirit!




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