was wondering

on 12/2/13 3:27 am - oshawa, Canada

if anyone heard anything yet from the nov 25th session



referral Oct 2013,orientation Nov 25 2013, 1st  surgeon Dr Huyan  appt dec 10 2013, had blood work today dietitian Mar 10 8am ,social worker march 10 9 am,Nurse Clinican 10 am

Hanneli xoxo
on 12/2/13 3:33 am, edited 12/2/13 3:35 am - Sudbury, Canada
RNY on 10/30/12

Hi Val


Subject lines should reflect what your message is about. You may get a better response if you do that. Leaving a vague subject line tends to make people not read. Also, your message is even pretty vague! what session? what centre? 

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