What are you eating/doing today (wednesday)

on 12/3/13 7:07 pm

RNY  4 Years 8 Months Post Op


Meeting my trainer early this morning.....then a busy day ahead...including a walk in there somewhere to get my steps up.....out for dinner tonight with my university friends....so have worked a large glass of wine into my totals ( I am not driving)

STEPS - yesterday 11290 plus 45 minutes of weight and floor work


B - 2 large mugs of regular coffee

    Premier protein shake


L - 2 ham - cheese - pickle wraps - each made with 3 slices of blue menu ham - 1/2 slice of blue menu swiss cheese and 1 sugar free pickle spear


D - Grilled chicken ceasar....and will ensure I only eat 1/2 or less.....going to Earls...not a good place to go to get anything particularly low calorie

    8 oz Malbec


S - 1 Balderson's cheddar portion


MYFITNESSPAL totals for the above menu are:  Calories 1,081,  Carbs - 33 grams,  Fat - 48 grams,  Protein - 100 grams


All water....decaf coffee and tea....and vits

Have a great one   mail






on 12/3/13 8:36 pm - Canada
VSG on 09/17/13

Good morning! Today’s menu is ...

B-Oatmeal with ground flax seed

S-Premier Protein shake

L- Tuna and FF Miracle Whip

D- Extra lean minced turkey and diced tomatoes

S- Tuna and FF Miracle Whip

Cal-560, Carbs-20, Fat-11, Protein-97, Sugar-7, Chol-170





























































































































































































































































































on 12/3/13 9:10 pm

Morning. Worked out last night. My shoulder is giving me some problems so i have to take it easy. And this tooth needs to hurry up and get better .. I can take a lot but tooth pain is not fun..I figure another day of meds and i should see some improvement ..Thats my whining for the day lol.Not the best menu today.

B- greek yogurt.

S- Lf cheese. , SF pudding.

L- ground chicken and squash. ( last day for this).

S- 1% milk.

D- turkey wrap in lettuce with LF cheese.

S- cottage cheese..

Have great Wednesday..Krista..

Refered Jan 15/13..Surgery June 27/13 , Dr Hagan.


on 12/3/13 10:22 pm - Peterborough, Canada

Krista I feel your pain!  I had a tooth crack right before my surgery but didn't have time to deal with it.  The pain meds in the hospital helped but as soon as I stopped them when I got home I thought I was going to die.  Begged the surgeon to just pull it out-he was just going to look at it and book a follow up appt to yank it-I told him I wasn't leaving till it was out of my mouth!  What a relief after.  Tooth pain is the worse.  The surgery was a walk in the park.


on 12/3/13 10:26 pm - Toronto, Canada

Great start to your retirement Barb!!

Slept until 4:45 today. Started the special sleep drops, but it takes awhile to kick in apparently. I forgot my lunch at home :-(...but will have it for dinner instead :-) I also had a long ride into work today, and got a bit low-surgery-shaky and I came in and grabbed left over pepperoni and cheese from last night. Not much, but full of calories. Didn't fill me either....boo. I feel this might be a hollow-leg day!  

Spinning at lunch (see how much I make it through...). So, here is the plan for today;

B: marble cheese, and a few pepperoni slices. Goat yogurt, Holy Crap cereal and nsa pudding (might switch that up with another yogurt)

S: grande skinny vanilla latte

L: turkey spinach meatball, kale and corn salad

S: diet cheesecake

D: pork tenderloin stir fry


Totals Cal 1,098 Carbs: 70 Fat: 49 Protein: 100 Fibre 17 Sugar28:


Surgery March 23/2011. Completed three full marathons and two half marathons, two half Ironman distances. Completed my first Full Ironman distance (4 km swim, 180 km bike, 42.2 km (full marathon) run) in Muskoka August 30/2015. Next Ironman Lake Placid July 23/2017!

on 12/3/13 11:53 pm - Ontario, Canada
RNY on 01/20/12

Had another bad day yesterday. But I wrote down everything that was bothering me and forced myself to think about it. Usually I just feel like crap but fail to recognise what it is that is really making me feel this way. I realised it is a combination of a lot of things I need to work on. Some like my job I will just have to suck up and put up with for a few more years. Had an interesting talk with my boss this morning. She knows I am not happy but neither is she. When we left U of T it changed both our jobs and not for the better.

So I came in late today and used the time this morning to exercise. Seemed to help elevate my mood. I am doing physio exercises as well. Which is giving me a sore butt. The exercises are targeting the muscle on the back of my leg and the glutes.

b greek yogurt, granola, raspberries

s yogurt, baby bel

l soup with ham, apple

s protein shake with skim milk

d meat loaf with salsa, cabbage salad

s have not added yet.

cal 1031, carb 102, prot 101





on 12/4/13 2:44 am

Hey Pat - sorry your job sucks, is there some solace or joy that you can cultivate w your manager related to the common experience?

Glad you are feeling better Kelly Belly.

Had my 3 m TWH appts yesterday (at 4 m).  Katie told me to eat more (yay!, although its not like I've been trying not to) and we talked about a number, I was originally thinking 150 but have since changed to 135-145 which is in my BMI range - I'll be thrilled no matter what.

Exercise: 100 min cycling commute


B: 1 c greek yogurt, 1/2 c blueberries, splenda, vanilla, coffee

S 100 cal hummus pack, 1 c broccoli, apple

L: tuna in olive oil, kashi crackers, clementine

D1/2 c chili, greek yogurt container, clementine

S 1/2 slice P28 bread, 1 tbsp P28 almond butter, 1/2 banana

Cal 1072, carb 128, pro 80 fat 30

Hope to see some of you at TWH tonight...

on 12/4/13 3:21 am - Ontario, Canada
RNY on 01/20/12

The latest addition to my job is to go one Facebook and twitter everyday to promote our site and courses. I guess there are worse things to do





on 12/4/13 3:03 am
RNY on 12/05/13

My last four Optifast shakes! Chicken bouillon and SF Jello!!

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