My Awesome find of the week!!

on 12/4/13 2:43 am - Canada

I've been having a hard tom,e weaning myself off of diet pop and trying to drink more water.  I went on a hunt to make drinking water a little more fun and found this: cher-Beverage-System-2-25L-Clear.aspx

I've made iced tea with coconut and mango oolong tea and a few packets of splenda.  The tea steeper is really amazing.  As is the little basket for fruit. 

Anyway I love this pitcher and thought others may too.  I bought it from the Pape and Danforth Kitchen stuff plus location.  lol No i don't work there or get a commission :)

Naths xo

on 12/4/13 3:33 am - Cobourg, Canada
VSG on 04/12/13

looks like a great idea!

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