Pouch problems after whitening teeth??

on 12/17/13 7:30 am - Moose Factory, Canada

Can anyone tell me if you had problems with your pouch after doing a tooth whitening at home? Did one last night and I've had upset tummy ever since.


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on 12/17/13 8:21 am - Ontario, Canada
RNY on 01/20/12

No answer for you but glad to see you on the forum. Hope all is well





on 12/17/13 12:11 pm

Why would that cause an upset stomach?  You are not digesting any of the solution are you?

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on 12/17/13 11:23 pm

OMG!!! thank you for reminding me. Those whitening strips cause alot of foaming that you have to swallow, that would cause some distention I would think. I have a box that I was going to use, but will now re-gift


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