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on 12/19/13 2:33 am - Peterborough, Canada
RNY on 06/27/14

I need to ask if anyone has had Dr. Sohi before and what their experience with him was like.  My initial meeting was good and he seems like a good doctor.  Someone I know was just operated on by him and ended up in hospital for 2 weeks post op with a leak in the pouch and then issues with the nurses crushing a pill that is long acting and should never be crushed.  

I will be meeting him again in January so I can ask him directly about complications.  Hoping that others here can give me some feedback.  



Robyn R.
on 12/19/13 3:04 am - Bowmanville, Canada

He did a friend of mine and she has had no issues.  Surgery on friday, home on sunday, textbook.

You can not hold him responsible for the pill crushing episode.  They may have been advised by pharmacy or another source.

Leaky Pouch is a complication that we are all susceptible too, it does not matter who your surgeon is. 

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on 12/19/13 3:09 am - Peterborough, Canada
RNY on 06/27/14

Thanks Robyn!  I agree that the pill crushing would have been the nurses responsibility so hopefully others will read this and be sure to understand if any of their meds should not be crushed!  I don't know all the details of what happened and I know that it is a complication that can happen....just wanted to know about other's experiences. 



on 12/19/13 4:56 am
In regards to the medications...

I made an appointment with my pharmacist to review everything that I take and whether or not it could be crushed, removed from its capsule and mixed with soft food, or was available in a liquid or injectable form. If I get to the hospital and someone contradicts the pharmacist's recommendations I want it investigated further before I take anything. If everyone isn't on the same page there's a problem!

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Diminishing Dawn
on 12/19/13 8:07 am - Windsor, Canada

Another person having complications doesn't mean that a surgeon is not good.  Leaks can happen at anytime to anyone.  Good to have a thermometer on hand dying recovery to watch for fevers.  


For the rest of our lives we have to question doctors -- is it an NSAID? And is it time released?  Any doctor can easily forget our needs and prescribe time release meds.  When I go to any doctor I ask this.  If I forget I look it up before I get it filled and read about the medication myself.  My skin doc did a last minute switch to a new med and I read about it, caught it and had him switch out meds. 

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on 12/20/13 5:56 am

Dr. Sohi was my surgeon. Consider yourself to be fortunate to be blessed  in his skilled hands. He is kind , patient, and knows his stuff.


on 12/21/13 1:44 am - North York, Canada


dr.Sohi is my surgeon so i was starting to get nervous by the bad feed back, thanks for saying something good about him. I am terrified as it is!! Lol

on 12/21/13 1:45 am - North York, Canada


sorry about your friends experience, hope s/he recovers quickly!!!!!!


on 12/21/13 2:35 am - Canada

Hi Jmaary56

Just had my op on Fri.13 performed by Dr Sohi Fri night going to washroom on my own,Sat morning walking the halls, Sun afternooon shopping at costco,Tues shoveling a little bit of snow.Apart for not feeling hungry  on Sun and Mon.  but forced my self ,but I'm very pleased with Dr Sohi and before you leave after your op they will tell you what to crush or change your meds.Good luck had a very good experience at HRRH.





on 12/21/13 3:50 am - Peterborough, Canada
RNY on 06/27/14

Thank you so much for this!!  It is so good to know that you are doing well!  This is a scary surgery and I believe that hearing the good things helps a lot!!  



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