on 1/1/14 10:43 pm

I know we are supposed to cut out caffeine before surgery.

this might be a stupid question but can you substitute tea for coffee?  Or is it all caffeine?



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on 1/1/14 11:09 pm - Newmarket, Canada

It's still caffeine... But have green tea  or chai tea or a natural tea. I have a drawer full of different kinds of teas. I still drank one red rose tea a day and had green tea, chai tea, raspberry tea, chocolate chai tea, and other kinds

I cut out most of my caffeine intake...pop and stuff. 

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on 1/2/14 7:28 pm
Green tea & chai tea have caffeine.
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on 1/1/14 11:10 pm, edited 1/1/14 11:12 pm - Canada

No coffee, no tea, I tried the decaf but did not like it, I have been enjoying herbal ginger lime tea and seldom miss the caffeine .  Dr Jackson did tell me one cup a day would not hurt which is all I use to drink but my center believes different ie it's is hard on your stomach, often is mixed with cream and sugar and my biggest worries leads to more thirst ie dehydrates you.  Some hospitals give it on your tray right after but it's a small rule so I would follow your centers plan, good luck, and drink tons of water it will help with the withdrawal headaches 

ps green tea has more caffieine than regular tea in it but is better for you or at least that's what I have been told.

 Respectfully Jane
on 1/1/14 11:52 pm - Canada

I was drinking at least 4 cups a day pre-surgery and knew that I would miss the caffeine so I gradually switched to decaf coffee and herbal or rooibos teas over the 6 weeks before surgery. Now 6 weeks after surgery I rarely if ever miss it.

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on 1/2/14 12:08 am - North Bay, Canada

I switched to decaf coffee and teas 2 months before surgery, don't miss it at all and saved myself the withdrawal headache after surgery.

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