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on 1/14/14 3:36 am - Toronto, Canada
VSG on 05/06/14

Hey guys!

After a few slow months due to needing an initial surgeon appointment to okay VSG over RNY, I was thrilled to get my MRI over with last week, and the Nutrition Class this morning. I found that I learned a lot more than I was expecting to in class this morning, Lorraine is great! At the end of the class we all got our next appointments, and I was full expecting them to be for February or even later for me. Imagine my surprise to see that BOTH my next appointments are next week! I am thrilled and a little bit thrown, too. If you haven't followed what's been happening with me at all, I've been sharing caregiver duties with my Dad as we look after my stepmom who is in Palliative Care for terminal cancer, and have been off work so I can be in Peterborough 80% of the time since November 1st. We didn't expect Carol to make it to Christmas let alone her birthday which is two days from now. She is really fighting, so maybe she will defy her prognosis of just a few more weeks.

So... if I'm not mistaken, as long as the different clinicians don't require me to do any more tests or find me "not ready" for some reason, is the next step after appointments are done that my file will go to rounds? And then I meet the surgeon? And then I get MY DATE?!?! I am so excited that this is happening, but I also have feelings of guilt and worry. I can really only go ahead with a surgery date if Carol has passed on. 

I wish so much that a miracle could happen and Carol could get better, but after watching her waste away for months, I just feel it's not going to happen. It fills me with anguish and anger a lot, but one thing I know for sure is that Carol is behind me getting this surgery, 100%. But if we can get more time with her...

One you've met with the surgeon and they give you a date - is it negotiable? I just know I could never book a date if Carol is still with us. I can't leave my Dad to care for her alone, and I wouldn't want to miss the time with her. And... as much as being a part of her care has been a grief process already, I can't fool myself into thinking that I could EVER handle the grief of her passing at the same time as the immediate aftermath of surgery.

I'm sorry if I'm turning into a broken record with this, I just feel so torn. On one hand, I need to get my life back from the grips of obesity. On the other hand, if I have surgery and I'm still newly grieving, I could have a way worse time... ugh. This is really hard.

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on 1/14/14 3:47 am

i had my surgery in hamilton and they called me with a date that was less than 2 weeks away. i told them i needed more time to give work ample notice and they said they would call me back when they were booking the next month's yes, i think you have some wiggle room with regard to the month, probably not down to the day.

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VSG on 02/12/13

That is great news and yes Lorraine is amazing. Yes you can negotiate surgery date with the surgeon when you see him. I did as I had something going on

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