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on 2/13/14 11:17 pm

Hi everyone I would just like to know what you do at the support meetings?  I haven't been to one in my area the closest is about 40min away which isn't really that far but I just haven't been able to get there because of work.  I am thinking of starting one on my town but would like to know more information about what you there a structure to the meetings or is just a get together and talk about ups and downs?  Any information you could give me would be great.  I still would have to find a spot to host it so still in the planning stages.  I don't really want to say where I live just yet but I know there is lots in this area who have had the surgery so it's more just what do you do at them.   Thanks for any input you can give me. 

on 2/14/14 12:02 am - Canada

Our group meets in Brampton  and we talk about anything and everything, ups and down, foods, ways to cook it, share ideas on all subjects as well as advice from people further along.  

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Thanks for getting back to me,  Do you have theme nights like talk about a certain topic to start things things off?  Then go to each person if they have comments.  I was thinking about things like clothing exchange meetings, maybe protein shake taste test meetings  where everyone takes a turn bringing in a different one to share,  most would only need a very small amount to taste.  I have some good ideas but I really am kinda shy when it comes to getting up infront of people.  (hense the no photo on here)  Is there usually one person in charge?  How long do the meeting last for?  Thanks

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RNY on 01/20/12

We have one person you posts reminders for meeting but everyone contributes to the conversation. You have some good ideas. First figure out where you will meet. This may limit your activities. We meet in a restaurant so tasting would probably not go over well. I know one group has a clothes exchange in a local community centre. If you are paying for the space someone will have to take dues and make sure an amount is kept for that.





on 2/14/14 1:09 am

Thanks for input I will have to see what kind of location I can find......i really don't want to do a restaurant or coffee place if I can help it. I know I won't talk as openly when there is others there that may not be going through weight loss.  I want a place where everyone can speak openly and not feel judged.   How many people usually show up to meetings?  I know it depends on location but is it usually over 10? or less? just to have an idea about the size of space.  Thanks

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on 2/14/14 1:12 am

I would rather look for a walking or gym buddy or a small group. Less official, easier to get together and no pressure as to "Topic of The Day". I am uncomfortable in large groups myself, so my 2 cents :)

Linda G.
on 2/14/14 8:20 am - Burlington, Canada



We meet once a month.  We do introductions and people can share surgery type and weight lost ONLY IF THEY WISH TO.

We try to have a topic each month to get the conversation flowing.  We have had guest speakers, we've done a "Show & Tell" theme meeting where people bring in products they have found that fit into our eating regiment, exercise or tracking tools or just items of interest for the group.  We do pot luck lunches twice a year that include a clothing swap with leftover items being donated to women's shelter. 

Our group is still evolving and growing.  We look to the members to get input as to what they wish to talk about in the meetings.  Some people like structure to a meeting and others prefer the more casual open chat approach.  Although we can't meet everyone's preference I do hope that we manage to hit it somewhere in the middle!

Good luck getting a group going.  It can be a great part to people's success having a group of people they can share things with who understand where they are coming from!


on 2/17/14 10:19 pm - Burlington, Canada

Hey Linda, is there a Facebook page for your group ? like the Cambridge group below.

Linda G.
on 2/17/14 10:56 pm - Burlington, Canada

Hello, No.  I do not have a facebook page for the group.


on 2/16/14 11:00 pm - Canada
RNY on 11/25/09 with

In Cambridge we have a fairly large group! Our Facebook page has over 100 members. We hold a monthly meeting on the 4th Sunday of every month. The meeting is facilitated by one person who keeps things moving. There is an educational component to our meetings as well as time to discuss any issues. At each meeting we have approx. 20-30 people. We meet at a church where they have a large meeting room to accommodate us. We do a 50/50 draw every month, where the group portion goes to insurance(which we are required to have by the church) and the rest goes to the church as a donation for the use of the room.

There is also a coffee meeting 2x/week where members can meet at a coffee shop and talk about any issues. This is a more social type of meeting

OH used to have resources for people who want to start a support group, not sure if they still have that..

Hope this helps

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