I'm very happy

on 2/21/14 3:38 am

I just got a call from Guelph, they gave me my date for the post op diet class.  I go March 17.......it's finally getting closer they said the next appointment after that will be meet the surgeon.  WOW it'll be my turn before I know it. 


on 2/21/14 3:55 am - Canada

Congrats! I know how exciting these last couple of appointments are.

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on 2/21/14 3:56 am

Congratulations!!! It is an exciting feeling... it will fly by now 

on 2/21/14 7:12 am

Nothing like having a date to look forward to!  Congrats.



on 2/21/14 8:29 am

Thanks everyone......it is very exciting........means I'm that much closer to getting surgery.  :)

on 2/21/14 8:50 am - Ontario, Canada
RNY on 01/20/12

Hope it happens soon for you





on 2/21/14 9:01 am

YAY so happy for you. I am finally meeting the surgeon on March 3rd :)


on 2/21/14 11:07 am - Canada

Right on! Good for you! Yeah!!!!




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