6 month Surgeversary!!!

on 4/22/14 2:02 am - elliot lake, Canada

Hello all!

I haven't been posting recently as I have started a new job that keeps me very busy, but as I was reflecting today on my mother Val who is having her surgery today, I realized that today is my 6 month anniversary.

So many things have changed!! I am down 147 pounds, and am so happy!! I walk and excersise pain free, I can shop in any old store I want, I cant go anywhere without hearing...omg! I didn't recognize you lol

This was the best decision I have ever made, and to tell you the truth, I should have made it years ago.


on 4/22/14 2:33 am

So glad to hear from you again and that you are doing so well!  Val is very lucky to have you to help her through the process.  147 pounds is so amazing!  I am feeling down today and questioning everything, including surgery.  "Maybe if I just..." and "you should be able to lose it without surgery" etc. etc.   All this even though half a dozen doctors and specialists have recommended this to me for over a decade.  Your post is a reminder of what I have to look forward to and why I am enduring this super long process in the first place.  Thank you for posting and I hope you post again as soon as your schedule permits. 

on 4/23/14 2:11 am - elliot lake, Canada

thanks that means a lot :) my mother just had her surgery yesterday, and everything went well, she should be out of the hospital tomorrow, I also found posts like this very encouraging, especially when I was in the self doubt mode


on 4/22/14 4:41 am - Elliot Lake, Canada

Congrats on getting a job.  And way to go on the 147 pounds.  I've been talking with your mom over facebook and here for a few weeks now.  I swear i seen you in No frills last week.  I'm from Elliot Lake also.  I'm in the waiting process still to have my surgery but the more i see updates like this the more i realise that this is the best decision for me.  I cant wait to say i've lost 100 + pounds and be able to exercise and be active without always complaining the my legs, feet, back etc.. hurt.  

on 4/23/14 2:12 am - elliot lake, Canada

next time u see me say hello


on 4/23/14 6:28 am - Elliot Lake, Canada

I will try to say hi the next time i see you, i wasn't 100% positive it was you, i looked at your profile before and thought it was you with your daughter. 

on 4/22/14 5:36 am - Kitchener, Canada
RNY on 10/24/13

Congrats to you on your milestone. It must feel amazing to be down 147lbs. Hope things keep moving for you, all the best.

on 4/22/14 10:57 am
RNY on 11/27/14

Wow! You are an inspiration!




on 4/22/14 11:30 pm - Ontario, Canada
RNY on 01/20/12

Great to hear from you. Congratulations on your loss. That is impressive.





on 4/23/14 3:30 am - Moose Factory, Canada

Good to hear you are doing so well.  Went yesterday to Sudbury for my 6 month follow up....all is well and I'm down 96 lbs...only a few more to goal but if it keeps coming off I'll go to 180 but no lower. The 6 months have just flown by...this has been so easy and I'm so thankful for it all.  YYaaaaayyyyyy for us girls..lol!!!!!


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