Met with my surgeon today.

on 4/25/14 10:35 am

Well after starting this journey April 2013,  I have finally got a surgery date!!!!   Drum roll please!!! June 26th in Guelph. 

on 4/25/14 1:06 pm - Kitchener, Canada

Wow how exciting! I just went for the orientation in Guelph last night! Today made my calls for the first visits with the nurse, Social worker and dietician in June.  You are further ahead than me and I wish you lots of luck. It certainly is a huge decision but I felt very comfortable with the Guelph staff and the information was wonderful. I would like to add you as a friend to see how you are doing if that is ok?

Referral to Guelph:  January 2014 ~ Orientation Guelph: April 24.14~ Meet Nurse: June 03.14, August 28.14 ~ Meet SW: June 16.14 & Aug.28.14 & Feb.09.15   ~ Meet Dietician: June 16.14, August 28.14 & Nov.19.14~  Dec.31.14 & Feb.05.15 Meet Internist Dr Agarwal: Sept.28.14 ~ Post Op Nutrition class: March 16.2015  Meet Surgeon: April 16.15 ~ Approved for surgery: April 16.15 ~  Surgery Date: July 14.15 ~ Started Opti:  July 07.14~ Opti Starting weight: TBD~ Surgery weight: TBD ~ Goal weight: 150  


on 4/26/14 12:31 am


on 4/26/14 5:00 am

Thanks,  it's seemed like it was taking forever at times but I'm glad I now have an end in sight. 


on 4/26/14 11:01 am

congrats on your date , I started my journey Feb 2013 and still waiting for my date from Ottawa !


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