Got A Date!!!

on 4/23/14 10:02 pm

Hey ya'll

Finally got a surgery date!  Although it's not as soon as I'd like (when is it ever), it is what it is and I'll take it.

Sept 16th @ 2PM - Dr Klein @ HRRH

PATTs still has to be booked, but I'm told that will be much closer to the date.    (they haven't released OR schedules for the summer yet, so there's a chance I'll be offered a sooner date)

But the end is in site!  I'm happy! (or for all the Duck Dynasty fans - I'm Happy Happy Happy)  :)



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on 4/23/14 10:57 pm - Peterborough, Canada

I remember getting my date and was doing the happy dance. It will be here before you know it. Best of luck. 


on 4/23/14 11:16 pm - Ontario, Canada
RNY on 01/20/12

Glad you got your date.
I have added you to the surgery list.





on 4/24/14 12:06 am

Awesome Josh! I have Dr. Klein too, and my surgery is in a few weeks....I am soooo nervous.

good luck

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Robyn R.
on 4/24/14 12:31 am - Bowmanville, Canada

Congrats Josh!  That's great news!

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on 4/24/14 4:07 am
RNY on 04/14/14

Congratulations!  Very exciting.

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on 4/24/14 7:51 am


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