5 Month -100 Pounds Down - Before and After Photo

on 5/13/14 9:58 am - Canada

May 12 was my 5 months out.

Picture on left 425 lb  Picture on the right 325  No make up in either photo

Exactly 100 lbs down in 5 months!

I eat 20 grams of protein for breakfast lunch and dinner. 10 grams of protein for each of three snacks a day.

I come to this site every day for support and inspirations, so I post this in the hopes of doing the same.

on 5/13/14 10:07 am - Toronto, Canada
VSG on 05/06/14

Wow! What an inspiration! You have done such an amazing job, I am so impressed. I love that in both your pictures you have such a great smile, but in your second you are glowing with happiness! I wish you continued luck on your journey :)

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on 5/13/14 10:09 am - Scarborough, Canada

Congratulations!  Very inspiring to me.


on 5/13/14 11:04 am

Congratulations keep up the great work, you look very happy and can see those beautiful blue eyes .... thanks for sharing with us :)

on 5/13/14 11:14 am - Canada

You said that you eat 20 gm of protein for breakfast what would you eat for your typical breakfast? Lunch and supper?

on 5/13/14 11:39 am - Canada

I think you are doing amazing so far.  What a great smile!!   :-)   Val

on 5/13/14 11:25 pm - Canada

For instance this is what I ate yesterday

Breakfast - Nordic to go cottage cheese up. 14 grams of protein and a hard boiled egg

Lunch - dempster small wrap with 2 slices of deli turkey and one slice Blue Menu Swiss cheese. Totals 20 grams of protein 

Dinner - 1/4 cup extra lean ground beef - 1/4 cup blue menu pasta - 1/8 cup of blue menu shredded cheese and 1/8 cup tomato sauce. Came to 20 grams of protein. 

Snacks. 10am half a pepperette and black diamond string cheese. 4pm 1/4 cup dry roasted soya beans 10pm - blue menu bran flakes and skim milk


on 5/13/14 11:36 pm - Canada

Thanks so much for the ideas.  I have one more week of pureed food to go even though I dont puree anything ive been just chewing the crap out of everything.  I think I will try some of your ideas.  Thank you again.  Everything helps.  I notice you did not mention protein drinks.  I know many Dr.s want us to get the protein with our food and not supplements.  You are doing great!  What about hair loss?  Any?  :-)    Val

on 5/14/14 1:22 am - Canada

For the first three months I would take a 800 ml litre of water, add 20 grams of GNC unflavored protein powder and crystal light. One all morning and one all afternoon. Then meals that were 10 to 15 grms of protein. So I was getting about 100 grams during the healing stage. Then when I went to the 3 month NUT appointment she suggested the 20 20 20. Plus 30 in total snacks. It was more food which was hard at first but now it is going well. I only use a protein bar "Smart for life" from costco once in a blue moon as an emergency if I am out for the day or something. As for hair loss....one day I came to work and my keyboard was covered in hair. I was like omg. Did someone cut their hair at my desk? Lol. I am one of those people hairdressers hate cuz I have enough hair for 4 people so I didn't really notice it other than finding it all over the place. 

on 5/14/14 1:45 am - Canada

Thanks so much gor your info.  I know it will help.  Right now I listen to all the ideas everyone has.  I dont want things to get boring.  :-)

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