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on 5/30/14 11:56 pm

Ok me again just a quick question about optifast.  I will be starting mine in a couple of weeks and I was wondering does temperature damage the nutrients in it?  I was wondering about mixing one pack up and freezing it in like  freezie pops.  I also wondered if you can put part of one in hot decaf coffee and it would be like the milk in it.  When I say hot I mean from a Keruig I find them much cooler that if I boil the kettle.  So has anyone else done this?  Is it ok or will it damage the nutrients? Thanks

on 5/31/14 12:01 am - Toronto, Canada
RNY on 06/13/14

I would call your centre. I don't know about the extreme temperature damaging nutrients, but I do know that after mixing an optifast you are supposed to drink it within one hour.. so for freezing you may damage the nutrients in the time it takes to freeze. 


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on 5/31/14 12:24 am - Canada

I know that I was told to not warm up opti fast or use any hot liquids with it so I would probably say to avoid that. As far as freezies I don't see why you wouldn't be able to do that. Good luck on your opti!

on 5/31/14 1:40 am - Oshawa, Canada

Optifast is made by Nestle and there should be a 1800 number on the package. Maybe call them to get there input? I think you have to drink it within one hour because it starts to break down. 

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on 5/31/14 3:11 am

Thanks everyone for the replies I think I will call my centre and ask them.....I don't want to do anything that will make then no good.  As for the drinking within an hour my kids just got a new thing for their birthdays that freezes stuff for a freeie pops within minutes, it's small but you know to give you the feeling of eating something I thought it might be a good idea if we are allowed to do that.  The thing that makes the freezie pops is kept in the freezer until you want to use it and can make up to 3 back to back the brand name is Zoku.  I'm not sure where it was bought.   Thanks again for all the advice.  I'm sure there will be more the closer opti and surgery gets. 

on 5/31/14 11:03 pm - Ottawa, Canada
VSG on 02/03/14

We were told in Ottawa that we could freeze them, or make puddings or the like, but not to heat them because it alters the nutritional breakdown. 

Call just to be sure. Certainly can't hurt to ask! 

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on 5/31/14 11:25 pm

i am starting mine today and i was woundering can u drink water with it too and how much


on 6/2/14 12:27 am, edited 6/2/14 12:28 am - Brampton, ON, Canada
RNY on 10/15/13

yes I drank all but my very first my optifast with ho****er from my Keurig. (first one I froze and ate with a spoon) the Toronto Western Hospital actually has the "hot chocolate" recipe for optifast in their paperwork.  you can't use boiling water but you can use ho****er and I thought they were amazing and so easy to make because work has keurig machines as well so both home and work I had my magic bullet and ho****er ready. I'm one of the few who loved opti...... and I credit a lot of that to it being hot not cold.


ETA...... I lost 22lbs in 21 days on Hot Opti Shakes

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