Started Opti today

on 6/12/14 12:15 am

Well it's been a long wait but I have started the final stage before surgery I started my Optifast today.  I had one of the vanilla ones.....for those pre op and scared of the taste I liked it, it's not as bad as some have said but everyones taste buds are different, but i found it not bad at all.  There has been times this day never seemed like it would come.  It was April 15, 2013 I seen my family doctor for a referral for the surgery......some stages seemed to go fast then others very slow, but it's finally going to be my turn soon.  Thank you for everyone who gave me advice over the past year.  For newbies out there don't give up it may seem so far in the future before it's your turn but it will happen.  I know that posts like this helped me along the way.  Two weeks from today my life will change forever.......I'm looking forward to the changes I know it will be hard work but I'm ready. 

on 6/12/14 12:24 am - Oshawa, Canada

thanks so much for posting this! Congratulations on starting opti, and enjoying it!  LOL I asked for a referral a year ago, doc wouldn't give it to me, I went in again May 29/14 and she supported me and gave me the referral.  I know it has only been a couple of weeks but I can't stop thinking about getting that phone call or letter/package in the mail from the registry telling me where to go for orientation!  Patience is a virtue I do not possess LOL  I would love to follow you on your journey......I wish you all the best!!

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on 6/12/14 12:26 am - Port Hope, ON, Canada
RNY on 02/11/14

Congrats on starting the opti! Yes it really isn't as bad as we thought it would be. 

2 weeks from today is the start of the brand new you!  So excited for you! Good luck!!

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Laurie C.
on 6/12/14 1:41 am - Collingwood, ON, Canada

This  is so exciting for you, I know that my life has never been better.  I am happy with myself, my world and my life.  I am pretty active, don't mind having my picture taken and I am a much nicer person.

There is always room on the loser's bench and you deserve your place of honour and we will hold it for you.




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on 6/12/14 4:23 am - Hamilton, Canada
RNY on 05/26/14

Congrats. I liked Opti, wasn't bad at all...soon the new chapter will begin.



on 6/12/14 6:04 am

Thanks for all the well wishes, so far I have had two. Of the opifast and two decaf instant coffee with a sweetener in each.  I honestly don't feel hungry right now but had to really think don't eat that don't eat that, referring to the grapes and soda crackers.  I wasn't going to eat but just out of habit I had to keep reminding myself even the single cheerio I had in my hand.  I have found that was mostly this morning, when getting the snacks ready for the kids.  But I did not have anything I shouldn't this is too important me to mess this up at this stage.  I guess this is that mindful eating they talk about.  I'm sure this not eating will get easier as the days pass. 

on 6/12/14 6:57 am
RNY on 02/04/15

I am so happy for you gonna!  This is great.  How are you preparing your Opti if I may ask?  Blender?  Shaker? 

on 6/12/14 9:28 am

Thanks for the good thoughts Dreamy.  So far what I've done to prepare the shakes was the first 2 vanilla I used a shaker bottle that I got from GNC.  The last one I had was chocolate I added less water and made it like a pudding and ate it for supper while my family was eating their supper.  I thought I should do it as a pudding because it make me feel like I'm eating not just drinking.  I also have a couple of gadgets I am going to try likely on the weekend, one can make a slushy within min just by stirring it the base is kept in the freezer until you want to use it.  The other is by the same maker and it will make a popcicle within 7 min.  I figure if I just do that to only 1 a day that's not bad, and will be like eating again, I think that will be the secret of getting through this not only just drinking.  So far the vanilla is my favorite I'm glad I got 3 boxes of it and only one of the chocolate. 

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