Iron injections

on 6/22/14 2:04 am - Ajax, Canada

Hi I haven't been on OH for a long time but I know I can find an answer to my questions here. It's nice to see new and veterans still keep this fourm going. Anyone know why injectable iron has been on backorder for so long? I have been waiting since December. Orally is just not working for me.




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Diminishing Dawn
on 6/22/14 3:29 am - Windsor, Canada

What form did you take orally? Injectable iron is generally not the most efficient.


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Karen M.
on 6/22/14 3:32 am - Mississauga, Canada

Hi Liz,

No idea why it's on back order, sorry, but I know what it's like to have oral supplementation simply not work well enough. I've had iron infusions (iron via IV) that have been very successful. Perhaps inquire about that, very effective.




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on 6/22/14 12:32 pm

What type of oral iron are you taking please read the link in my tag line and feel free to private message me.  Iron deficiency and simple anemia is my full time job

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