Has type pain, everytime I swallow anything

on 8/14/14 2:32 am - North York, Canada

Hi guys, I had my SLEEVE on Monday and since, anytime I swallow anything (I notice water is worse) I get gas pain and my stomach almost feels like it cringes. I mentioned this to my surgeon but he said as long as I am not throwing up or nausea it is to be expected. Did anyone else get this? And when did it end?!?!

on 8/14/14 2:59 am - Arnprior, Canada

I had an RNY so not sure about this.  One thing you might want to try is warm water instead of cold, or adding something to the water.  I find plain cold water hard to deal with, even now. 



on 8/14/14 3:16 am - North York, Canada

When you say hard to deal with, what do you mean?

on 8/14/14 5:19 am - Arnprior, Canada

It feels heavy in my stomach and can sometimes cause a bit of pain.  For some reason, warmer (such as room temperature) or if I mix something like crystal light, it doesn't happen.  Don't know the cause.



on 8/14/14 3:22 am
RNY on 08/08/14

I too had the RNY on Friday and I had lots of pain with cold water for about 4 days I still have a small amount of pain when I drink water and I do find room temperature helps a bit food was a bit to get use too I'm still not getting in enough but it's a work in progress my surgeon told me the same thing as long as I'm not throwing up or feeling nauseous then it's normal. Hopefully it gets a bit easier for you throughout the week.

on 8/14/14 4:06 am - Kingston, Canada

I had my sleeve done 3 weeks ago.  I think what you are feeling is the new very small stomach reacting to anything that comes into it.  Apparently your new stomach will be empty about 10-15 mins after you eat anything, so every time you eat or swallow liquid, it is virtually going into an empty stomach.  Currently your's is also filled with gas, this will go away over the next week or so.  At 3 weeks, I find I get more sensation when the food or liquid is emptying out of my stomach, on it's intestine journey.  I still burp quite a bit after everything I eat, or drink, you may not be able to do this yet, but it will come.  You're doing fine, and with the sleeve vomitting is not as common, unless of course you eat something that your new stomach is not able to digest properly.

on 8/14/14 4:19 am - North York, Canada

Thanks for your reply, I noticed your "handle" you are gluten free? I have celiac and am gluten free. I have had to switch up a few of the foods, ie cream of wheat, oatmeal, cream soups.... What did you do? Right now I am having apple sauce and decaf tea and if feels ok....I  bought rice pudding but am now not sure if I can have it... Any advise?

on 8/14/14 5:12 am - Kingston, Canada

Yes, I am celiac also, so the diet they recommend for us does need to be tweeked.  I had a hard time getting my protein in, so I tried very soft boiled eggs, just cooked, very runny, and mashed them.  This west down well.  I told the nurse at the one week appt. and she said that was fine, as long as I was tolerating everything I'd had before that.  My go to is chicken broth if I want some extra protein and liquid.  Also I bought some fat free carnation condensed milk (not the sweetened condensed), and I added this to things like the new campbells tomato soup in the carton that is gluten free, that was very comforting.  I use the gluten free oats and when I make one portion, I just eat about 1/3rd of it and put the rest in the fridge, it warms up nicely in the microwave.  Feel free to message me.

on 8/14/14 9:43 pm - Ottawa, Canada
VSG on 02/03/14

I had a sleeve done in early February and post-op, I cannot tolerate plain water any more. It's like the PH has changed or something and it irritates my "Princess Sleeve."

Plain water made me vomit... but when I add any of the flavourings available to it (e.g., Mio) then it goes down fine. I'm 6 months post-op and plain water still irritates my sleeve, but at least I can drink it cold or hot.

Try adding flavourings or varying the temperature. For some reason, some of us need to be careful about one or both of those things after surgery. Find what works for you.

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on 8/14/14 9:58 pm

Hey Sassy,

I am 17 days out and only started feeling normal about 2-3 days ago. For me, ice cold water was actually better but still drinking water was way more difficult than eating since I guess we still take normal gulps which are too much at this point. Hang in there, it will get better

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