Needing leftover Optifast - help!

on 10/30/14 6:10 am - Toronto, Canada

Hi all :)

My last post was removed as I am not allowed to sell or offer to purchase anything on the forum, understandably.  Hopefully this post won't be classified as selling, and I ask anyone who can help me to reply here or send me a private message. 

My surgery was originally booked for March 4, 2015.  On Friday, I got a call that it had been rescheduled to December 16, 2014. As excited as I am, I was not prepared for the financial strain that comes with optifast.  I am looking for any leftover packages/boxes of optifast and would be extremely grateful if anyone could part with them. I start my liquid diet on November 25, and time is ticking for me gather the optifast.  Anything helps, thank you!! 

on 10/31/14 9:29 am - Canada

I Was told at orientation to be prepared to have to use a credit or prepaid card before I COULD EVEN GET A PRESCRIPTION. sO THATS HOW YOU PAY FOR IT.

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