Christmas stockings

on 12/3/14 7:16 am

my wife wanted me to ask this question to the group..


In our previous 14 Christmases together, she would "fill" my stocking with chocolates, chips, and other crap.  Stuff that I don't want to touch now...  also can't safely touch...So now that chocolates etc is out - what are some suggestions to stuff the stocking of an RNY-er?


and in related news - 85lb gone so far!  It's been a roller coaster of a ride for the last 3 months, but my only regret is not switching doctors and getting the referral sooner :)

I did the math today - on average .89LB lost per day since I started on the opti.  and I'm wearing size 40 pants - I haven't worn a 40" since I was in high school!  Freakin awesome :)




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on 12/3/14 8:13 am - Oshawa, Canada

Hi there, she could fill it with beef jerky, nuts , sugar free candy, after shave, new socks ! 

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on 12/3/14 9:19 am - Canada

Razors, aftershave, shaving gel, body wash. Love homemade coupons for massages or manicures or other more interesting things. We used get the most beautiful big oranges and apples in our stockings as kids. Congrats on your amazing success!

on 12/3/14 10:04 am

We used to always get a clementine in the bottom of your stockings so I am a big fan of that. An assortment of nuts is also festive, beautiful, and healthy.  Sugar free candy and chocolate can be good but beware of candy with high sugar alcohols like maltitol and sorbitol as they make many people sick and you don't want that at Christmas.  If you have not tried powercrunch protein bars those would make a nice stocking stuffer treat.  Congratulations on your loss!

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on 12/3/14 11:07 am - Ontario, Canada
RNY on 01/20/12

as was mentioned sugar alcohols can be deadly. My husband bought me chocolates. I ate three and they went through me like greased lightening. I do find sugar free Wethers okay in small doses

Congrats on your success to date





on 12/3/14 11:24 am - Canada

do you do cross words or word search. they go nice in the stocking. pens toothpaste. little gadgets. I collect key chains so I usually get one in my stocking. I do get a few sugar free chocolates but i put them in the freezer and eat slowly, mixed nuts, socks there is so much besides candy. have a great christmas

on 12/3/14 9:27 pm - Arnprior, Canada

Assorted Protein bars, fruit, dried fruit, assorted nuts, assorted jerkey, toiletries (toothpaste, toothbrush, body wash, etc), books, hobby accessories, socks, undies, water bottle/special glass, suspenders (with losing that much weight, you may need help keeping your pants up), water flavorings (Crystal Light, Mio, etc), other SF flavorings, gift cards, toys (that's between you guys), tickets (lottery or to an event), CDs, DVDs.



on 12/3/14 10:04 pm - Canada
VSG on 10/31/14

Tell her to fill your stockings with her stockings...  IF you know what i am saying... Wink Wink!!



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