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on 3/26/15 1:56 am

I am not sure this is normal so I'll check here.

I'm about 13 days post op.  I've been following the food guidelines very closely.  I have finally managed to nail down all my chewable vitamin supplements so I think I'm fine there too.

However at 13 days post op, I'm still not feeling 100%.  I'm still very aware I had a procedure.  Whether it be a pang from one of my incisions or just general light stomach upset (which is constant)

Also I feel a "pinch" sensation in my pouch with the first bite of food or sip of liquid I take if it's been a few minutes since the last thing went down.  Temperature is not a factor in this feeling.  I am taking small bites and small sips to ensure I'm not swallowing air or food particles that are too big.

And finally I feel like I have no energy.  A friend of mine did this a couple weeks before me and she said she has all kinds of energy.  I know we shouldn't compare and everyone is different but I want to check in to see if anyone else experienced any of this?

My first follow up appt. is Apr. 8.


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on 3/26/15 2:10 am
RNY on 02/04/15

Hi pink so sorry to hear you are having these troubles.  I am 6-7 weeks out (I had first surgery Feb 4th and had a complication so they weren't able to fini**** until February 6th).  I took 6 weeks off of work and I am so glad I did.  I could not get through the day without having at least 2 naps and I had no energy.  I just returned to work last Thursday March 19th and so far I am doing okay at work but usually having a quick nap on the couch after work before dinner.

I started to master my protein and vitamin requirements each day starting at about the 2 week mark.  I too had/have the pinching sensation you speak about.  It was constant at the beginning and now has subsided quite a bit so I would say to you give it time and it should get better.  I had my one month follow up March 4th and was told that I was doing well but wasn't quite eating enough so now I am careful to eat 3 small meals and two snacks each day. 

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on 3/26/15 2:31 am - Arnprior, Canada

The pinching/pang from incisions is just with the stitches, they are dissolvable and this will go away.  The light stomach upset could be a lack of food, which affects the stomach acid.  Mention it at your appointment if you are still having it.  They may want you to take something for GERD.

Try going back a stage of food and see if you still get the pinch while eating. What you are trying to eat may be too dry which can cause that.  A sauce may help, just account for it in your menu.

Lack of energy could be dehydration (you don't mention how much water you are getting in) and also from not eating that much.  I know for a while I was up a lot during the day, but had no energy.  It did come back.  Just try to walk around a bit in the house, but rest on the couch if you need to.  It will come back.

If any of your symptoms really concern you, contact your centre, they are there to help you.



on 3/26/15 4:17 am - Kitchener, Canada

I have not yet had my surgery. Waiting for call to see Surgeon in Guelph. However I have had major surgery before. Anytime we go under  a general for surgery it will take time to regain the energy back.  Give yourself time....some people bounce back from surgeries quite well. I am one that take awhile to get be back up to full steam...give yourself time...and eat enough....I know in Guelph they tell us post surgery to eat 3 meals and 3 snacks everyday...Good luck...

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