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I'm having a lot of trouble finding a multivitamin.   I can't tolerate the taste of the Centrum silver chewable,  so I tried the Wal-Mart brand chewable and i got through 1.5 and they made me feel so sick.   I'm now taking a women's one -a- day and i cut it up with a pill splitter (which doesn't work very well).  And I'm not sure that's even the right vitamin anyways. 


Any suggestions? 

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There is one of the One A Days (I think Womens 50+) that has enough iron in it.  There are a number of us that use prenatal vitamins too.  just check the list of vitamins.  I believe the minimum iron is 18 mg but you'd have to check your notes from your clinic.


Updated to Add:

I just found a sheet from OWMC about suggested multi vitamins:

OPURITY BYPASS-Optimized Multi - Chewable (1 per day)

One-A-Day women's 50+ (18mg iron/pill) (2 per day) Most Pharmacies, Walmart

Exact vital-fem 1 women's 50+ (2 per day) Loblaws, Superstore

Shoppers (Life Brand) - Optimum (2 per day) Shoppers Drug Mart

Compliments Daily Adult (2 per day) Sobey's

Nature's Bounty Multi-Day Weight Trim (2 per day) Most pharmacies, Costco, Walmart, Metro, Loblaws, Sobey's

Kirkland Formula Forte Women (extra iron needed)  (2 per day) Costco.


Karen M.
on 4/15/15 9:11 pm - Mississauga, Canada

As Cathy mentioned, a prenatal vitamin might work better for you. Many people are told to take these by their centres. Also, if you're not already doing so, be sure to take it with/after food. I found that the multi (regardless of brand) made me very sick to my stomach if I took it on an empty gut.



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RNY on 05/21/13

I agree I can't take my multi on an empty stomach. I use the Costco prenatal ones.

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RNY on 02/04/15

Quest makes a chewable.  I have difficulty taking it sometimes so I have a sip of water or herbal tea right after and I make sure I have it when I've recently eaten so it doesn't upset my stomach like Karen mentioned too.

Also if you check out, they have some liquid multivitamins listed there.

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Beware:  the One a Day 50+ for women have, over the last three months or so, removed iron from their multivitamins and upped the calcium (calcium blocks obviously, no longer compatible).  So if you use that multivitamin, you'll need a separate iron source and will have to take it at a different time so as not to have the calcium block the iron absorbtion.  Sigh!  I had bought a whole pile when it was on sale, and there was no advertising that they had changed their formula...someone mentioned it on this forum.  And yes, indeed, after checking the label, no more iron.











on 4/16/15 1:05 pm - Orillia, Canada

What works for some may not for others.   I have been taking prenatal for four years and seem to do well.   Costco brand is cheap and economical.   Definitely with food helps.   

It would be great to have a way to sample a few different brands to test the waters.   Frustrating when you think you may have 'the one' and it's a no go. 

Hopefully you find something that works for you soon. 


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