Hamilton switched me to Guelph recently

Kath L
on 4/17/15 2:30 am

I had a call back at the end of March from Hamilton saying they had such a backlog that they would like to transfer me to Guelph.  I agreed and received a letter last week saying I have to do another orientation.  I had my Hamilton one in October 2014.  The Guelph one is coming up April 23, 2015.  

Has any one had a similar situation?  Does anyone know rough timelines at Guelph?  I started this whole process the beginning of July 2014 and am patiently waiting and nervous.  However, I'm trying to figure out when I might be off work and to work some of my vacation time around it.


Any input would be awesome.




on 4/17/15 12:31 pm - Kitchener, Canada

Hi Kathy...I had my surgery in Guelph at the end of January. It was 11 months to the day I think after my orientation. It probably could have been a bit quicker but I had to postpone some appointments to fit around my work schedule. I had already been for my sleep study so that didnt delay things. So much depends on how the nurse, dietician and social worker feel you're doing in your prep work. Blood work results could also play a part if there's something not right. It kind of makes each person's time individual but I think the typical time is a year.

Hope that helps! All the best as you go through the process! Kim

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Kath L
on 4/18/15 1:27 am

Ah. Thanks. I was hoping to have the surgery quicker than 11 months only because I already had a Hamilton orientation in October.  I am already on a CPAP for sleep apnea so I won't need that step/delay.  So I guess realistically I could be looking at March 2016 or maybe sooner if I don't have delays with appointments b. Thanks for the info. Hope you are doing well. 

on 4/18/15 2:01 pm - Stoney Creek, Canada

I had my orientation in Hamilton on Apr 14/2014.  Because they moved to the new clinic everything was delayed by 6 months since Mar 2014, so I didn't get my first appts until Feb 2015.  After my first appt with the dietitian and nurse I somehow got lost in the shuffle and after several calls, my next appts were Apr 9th and the 15th with the internist and the social worker.

My next appts/tests are the ECG and scope, stress test and appts with the thrombo clinic, the psychiatrist and the dietitian again.  All this before I see the surgeon.

I know I'll get there eventually and all this is very necessary but I just get impatient.  They did say that they see no reason why I wouldn't be a great candidate for surgery.

I wonder when they decided to send some patients to Guelph.  I guess they weren't able to catch up. Hopefully it won't take you this long.  Good luck