Night Vomiting??

on 4/28/15 8:59 pm - Canada
RNY on 11/07/13

Just wondering if anyone has experienced this....I've been vomiting a lot at night recently. It's very bizarre. I will go to bed feeling just fine and a few hours later I will wake up feeling soooo nauseous! There is no fighting it. I bolt out of bed and run to the bathroom, spending the next minute or two dry heaving. Then it passes and I feel great...completely fine! I go back to bed and a few hours later same thing....

Any theories on what may be causing this? I never feel ill in any way. It has happened during the day a few times too. Not eating anything new that I haven't been eating for years...😟

I do have some bleeding marginal ulcers and the only thing I can think of is maybe my stomach has been empty too long?? I don't know, it's very strange...

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on 4/28/15 9:14 pm - Canada
VSG on 02/12/13

It could also be acid reflux I use to wake in the middle of the night and throw up because of acid in my stomach causing reflux.

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on 4/28/15 9:33 pm - OWEN SOUND, Canada

Very strange, and no doubt unsettling.  I'd get in to see your family Dr. as soon as you're able.  Better to have it checked out.  

Take care -

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Karen M.
on 4/28/15 9:40 pm - Mississauga, Canada

Considering all of the issues you've had recently, I would be contacting both my doctor and the surgeon who did your most recent surgery.



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on 4/29/15 1:45 am - Ottawa, Canada

It's odd you posted this as the exact same thing happened to me 2 nights ago.  I rolled onto my back and within 30 seconds, I was racing for the bathroom.  There was nothing in my system to bring back up, but had a few moments of oh-so-enjoyable dry heaving.  Afterwards I was fine. (Confused, but fine).  It hasn't happened again.

Sorry I'm no help, but it's nice to know it happened to someone else, too!


on 4/29/15 7:59 am - Arnprior, Canada

Definitely contact your Dr and/or clinic.  It could be to deal with acid.  One thing that can be done is to raise the head of the bed up a bit so that you are not laying flat (or put a bunch of pillows behind you).  It may help the acid to not travel as high.

Hope you can get some relief soon.


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