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on 6/22/15 5:28 am - Cobourg, Canada
VSG on 04/12/13

So, I've been having the occasional ice cream (sorry RnY'ers), small portion, strawberry season and all...anyway I realized that I'm not really enjoying this occasional "treat".  After two bites I'm all meh..., here you go DH you can finish mine.  

Don't know why it has taken me more than a year to figure out - what the hell am I doing, why eat it anyway?  It's not a pleasure so stop it!.  I guess it's a case of examing your head and getting in tune.

So question for ya all out there...what food have you realized is not such a 'treat' and has caught you by surprise so that you are prepared to turn your back on?

on 6/22/15 7:59 am
RNY on 02/04/15

Hi roxy I too had a similar "awakening" like this myself the other day.  I was eating Greek yogurt with a tablespoon of all natural peanut butter.  I was eating the peanut butter and not liking it.  I kept eating it and then I was like "why am I eating this? I don't like it" and I just stopped and put it in the compost at work.  Before surgery I would never have done this - I would have finished "everything on my plate" like I was instilled to do as a child.  I then reflected and said to myself "the real estate in your tummy is small, fill it with goodness that you enjoy" and it was like a lightbulb went off in my head.

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on 6/23/15 9:43 am - Georgetown, Canada

My Therapist and I have decided that I belong to the "BLT" Club.  Bite, Licks and Tastes. I find that I want to eat it out of mere curiosity and then I am done.

I have turned my back on cakes and right now I tasting strawberry/rhubarb since it is season.


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on 6/23/15 10:16 am - Cobourg, Canada
VSG on 04/12/13

Haha....I like that the BLT club. Good to know this about yourself.  Means you can go to Costco on a Saturday - not spend a dime yet leave totally satisfied !

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