Did everyone do a sleep study?

on 7/30/15 5:11 pm

Hi there,

I have been referred to Hamilton and have my orientation next week.  I was wondering if everyone is required to under go a sleep study?  Has anyone gone through the process without it?

Thanks for any feedback :)

on 7/30/15 5:24 pm - Canada

I went through TWH and didn't have to have a sleep study. The nurse practioner asked if I snored which I didn't, then she measured my neck and said I didn't need a sleep study.  


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on 7/30/15 6:41 pm - Canada
RNY on 11/17/15
On July 30, 2015 at 5:24 PM Pacific Time, juleeg wrote:

I went through TWH and didn't have to have a sleep study. The nurse practioner asked if I snored which I didn't, then she measured my neck and said I didn't need a sleep study.  

This was my experience recently at TWH as well.

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on 7/30/15 6:14 pm - Welland, Canada
RNY on 12/16/14

Nope, she asked if I snored and I didn't, and said so, and it was never pushed. If you do snore however, get it done. I've seen people try to get pushed through faster by lying to skip it and doing so can endanger your life.

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on 7/30/15 6:52 pm - Canada

No sleep study for me in Ottawa. The NP asked if I snored & my husband confirmed that I didn't.

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on 7/30/15 6:58 pm - Canada

I went thru Hamilton, I had one done while I waited first appointments.  I didn't want to be delayed later if they asked me to get one, and secondly I had one done because I was never felt rested when getting up in the morning - and I knew I was snoring!!!   Although funny enough, when she read through my sleep questionnaire she said they likely wouldn't have requested one due to the way I answered the questions- but they said since I had the results ( which were fine -. No apnea) that they would add them to my file.  Unless wait times have changed a lot, you will likely have about 10mths to wait--you might as well do what you think you should in advance. My orientation was June/14 surgery July/15

on 7/30/15 7:36 pm - Toronto, Canada

I had sleep studies done well before being part of the Bariatric programme. It turned out that I have severe apnea and Restless Leg Syndrome. I wear a CPAP mask now and it has improved my sleep substantially. It is a serious situation, so if they ask you to attend a sleep clinic - best that you go and find out.

Not crazy about the mask, but after I got one I was surprised to learn how many of my neighbours, friends and colleagues use them.

on 7/30/15 8:12 pm

Hello!  I am referred in Hamilton as well, I didn't have to go through the sleep study - although a friend of mine did.  I think it has a lot to do with blood pressure etc.   I am new to the board, so my process isn't up yet - but this is what I've been through and I've kept a ull diary since day 1.

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My wait time has been long due to the clinic's move from Charlton Street to West 5th in the Hammer.  I also come from Niagara - if there is anyone on this site coming in from Niagara - DO NOT let them schedule anything with the NHS.  NHS was the biggest delay for me - the gastroscope was initially scheduled May 28 in Hamilton, meaning that my surgery would be done by now... Instead I took bad advice, and asked for referral in the NHS. They are so backed up I waited from May 3 to July 15 for the appt - and that was a cancellation.  I should have my surgical date in a matter of days at this point.

on 7/30/15 9:07 pm - Canada

Hey Jennwhy

Your timeliness and experience is very similar to mine. Ref jan14./ Oriet jun14/ appts may15/ I was also held up for a mth or so for the scope.  I opted to go to hamilton for it instead of my hometown because it was quicker!! Had surgery July17--- as soon as they got my scope results (a few days) I had the surgeon appt......and at that appt I got my date ( which was about 3wks later). So get ready.....it will come quick now!!! :)

on 7/31/15 6:39 am

Hi MonaLisaSmile - How are you feeling?

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