Was this the stuff?

on 8/13/15 8:42 am - Georgetown, Canada

I was at Costco on the weekend and I remember a threat about salad & chicken.

Is this the stuff you guys were talking about? 

Cranberry Almond Chicken Salad - reduced fat & reduced calorie | 12 oz


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on 8/13/15 8:58 am - Ontario, Canada
RNY on 01/20/12

That is the one I bought. Karen said there was one Costco made but I have never seen it at my Costco. Think it was local to use up rotisserie chickens





on 8/13/15 9:03 am - Georgetown, Canada

I found these in single serving packaging between the veggie patties and the potato salad.  Mind you this was in Guelph :)

It is hard for me to change my mindset of not putting it on crackers LOL  It just seems odd!  I am finding a lingering onion flavour to them but all in all I would get them again.


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Karen M.
on 8/14/15 3:32 am - Mississauga, Canada

I bought those - made by Good Foods - and thought they were okay. I liked the serving size, the actual chicken meat in it was VERY good (I worry about pre-packaged cooked chicken, it often has a "texture" to it that makes me gag, but not this stuff - it's real chicken), and the poppy seed dressing was an unexpected pleasant change (by the way, that's the onion flavour you're getting - poopy seed dressing is made with onions). I prefer the Costco roast chicken salad that they make in-store. It's over where they have their other in-store prepared salads (Caesar, quinoa, spinach among others).



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Karen M.
on 8/14/15 3:58 am - Mississauga, Canada

I am killing myself laughing here - POPPY seed, not "POOPY" seed. LOL!!



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on 8/14/15 2:56 pm - Toronto, Canada

I had a dream about Karen's Costco roast chicken salad!!! I had my surgery on Tuesday and am counting down the days until I get to eat it! When I was at Costco last weekend I spotted it and admired it from afar.

on 8/14/15 3:45 pm

I really like these small containers of chicken - I didn't check the dressing - but the ones I purchase in florida are mixed with greek yogurt.  I find them very good and I like the size - portability and stats






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