What are you eating/doing today? (Thursday)

Karen M.
on 8/20/15 3:41 am - Mississauga, Canada

Morning all :)

Looks like a rainy one out there today - hopefully it'll kill a little of the humidity! Since surgery I don't generally feel the heat (and definitely feel the cold!) but the humidity still gets to me some days and it's hell on my hair. Off to work for the day, Dr. appointment after so dinner will be late-ish (for me anyway). Not sure what else but I do have to start an assignment so some riveting text reading is likely in order. Oh! And I have to stop at GNC for some shakes too - for those who have tried the Total Lean shakes in vanilla and also drink the Premier vanilla, which do you prefer?

9 years post-op

- coffee with cream x 3 over the day -

B - GNC Total Lean (strawberry)

S - Source Greek (peach), a few grapes

L - roast chicken salad in small romaine leaves (I love these "wraps"), a few slices of cucumber

S - ham/swiss/pickle roll-ups (2) (roll-up = 1 slice ham, 1/2 ounce (approx.) swiss, pickle spear), deli mustard for dipping

D - this is going to sound gross, but I swear it's delicious LOL - 3 oz leftover pulled pork (made in the crockpot over the weekend, frozen in portions - AWESOME) mixed into leftover stir-fry veggies. I told you it sounds gross LOL I am the ultimate leftover-user.

S - likely just coffee/tea

Have a fabulous Friday Junior!

K. :)



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on 8/20/15 3:45 am

Good morning everyone.  I have to start packing today for my trip this weekend up north.  I am excited and can't wait to see a star filled sky.  I think the Persied meteor shower will still be active.

Today it's swimming, packing, hemming some pants because I am tripping in them, household drudgery and an early night.  I am very sore from laughing so much with my friend last night.  My stomach hurts and face hurts from laughing.  It was a wonderful visit.

1 year, 1 month post op

B.  Iced protein coffee

S. another iced protein coffee

L. Beef burger, tomato, bacon, salsa no bun

S. you guessed it, another iced coffee

D. shrimp and some SF ketchup mixed with spicy horseradish for dipping

Have a great day everyone.

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Karen M.
on 8/19/15 8:50 pm, edited 8/19/15 8:51 pm - Mississauga, Canada

There is nothing better than having laughed so hard that your muscles ache :) Your dinner has me craving shrimp & ****tail sauce. Costco sells a fantastic shrimp "ring" (not a ring, just a big pile in a container lol) - the shrimp are huge and meaty...



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on 8/20/15 4:05 am

happy Thursday!  Well it's actually my Friday so I am very happy!! :) hoping the weather doesn't stop me from walking on my lunch today.  I find the 30 minutes away from desk invaluable .  Anyways we shall see what Mother Nature has in store .  

9 weeks post op

B- fruit last protein drink

S- source yogurt- keylime

L- the rest of last night's tuna - pickle juice and mayo for moisture; 2 Melba for scooping

S- 4  Thin slices of extra lean kobassa

D- 1/2 looney spoon chicken patty , melted cheese goodness on top and sweet heat mustard for dipping

All water and vits

have a great day everyone


on 8/20/15 6:00 pm

Have fun CC!  Hope that stars shine for you...



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on 8/20/15 4:11 am - London, Canada
RNY on 05/31/13

Karen, I love the Vanilla Bean GNC! I sometime put a little in my coffee  I am such a rebel!







Tracey 112205
on 8/20/15 4:25 am - Bumfuknowhere, Canada

GNC by far is better but then again I hate all of the Premier ones.  I mix up leftovers all the time too.  I made a big tray of chicken thighs into garlic chicken thighs and the wine and broth make a sauce and I smash the roasted garlic into the sauce then pour the whole mess on my salad greens and use that as a dressing and put the warm chicken thigh meat on top, delicious but strange vinaigrette for the greens but it's damn tasty.

Karen M.
on 8/20/15 6:40 pm - Mississauga, Canada

Oh my god, warm dressing on cool salad? YES PLEASE.



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on 8/20/15 5:12 am - London, Canada
RNY on 05/31/13

2 years 2 months post op

Steps 13053


Morning all,

wet cool day here. I am not complaining.

Either OH or my internet was in a snit yesterday and I couldn't post.

Today is the gym, and raspberry jam making day. I have 3 trays of raspberries that I got yesterday. All the jam will be given away except for a small jar or 2 that I will keep for DH.

B protein coffee, 1 egg on 1/2 sl rye toast w/ ham and tomato

S coffee with a friend

L 1/2 c sweet kale salad w/ 2 oz tuna.

D zuchinni lasagna

Be well everyone









on 8/20/15 6:21 am - Newmarket, Canada

Good morning everyone :-D

Almost 5yrs post-op (gosh, how time flies!!!) 


Life has been crrraaazzyyyyy for me. My business has taken off like a rocket and I'm loving it! 

I'm off to TEGH today for a scope to check on my ulcer. Hopefully this will be the last time for this. 

B,S,L- NPO (nothing by mouth)

The rest of my day, not quite sure yet


I will get my vitamins in later 


Have a great day everyone :-D

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