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RNY on 12/16/14

Hey ladies , 

Hope everyone is well ☺

It's been a while since I posted last , had my wee mammy here from Scotland for just over a month so I've not been really lazing around on my laptop for a while ! I was working most of the time she was here , so days were filled up with work then home and trying to pack in as much time with her as possible . 

All is going great so far , I'm down 131 lbs since the first day of Opti which was November 25th,  and I really feel fantastic. I'm wearing mediums or 12 's in most things now , got a couple of 'stretchy ' things that are a small or a 10 !! I don't care if there stretchy ...that label says Small !😂😂 This just blows me away every single day . 

My Mum was couldn't believe it when she saw me , I've sent pix and stuff but they just don't compute until someone actually sees you I think . We had a great visit and my Mum is awesome and laid back , but she did comment quite a lot on how she thought I wasn't eating enough , which got a bit frustrating . I eat well I think , and I don't think she really comprehends how big a life change this is . I'm going at my own pace and I can't eat more than I am just to satisfy other people . 

The biggest downside for me in this process is the hair loss , it's been bad for me . I had very thin fine hair to begin with and I now have actual bald patches😦 I knew it was gonna happen and I thought beforehand , " I can handle it " and it won't be forever  , but it hits harder than I thought . It's traumatizing actually !! 😂 I dread washing my hair and feeling it come out in my hands ......soul destroying .

But I'm not gonna dwell on it , I'm healthy and feel good . Still the best thing I've ever done for myself . And life really does change massively . We are doing so much more together as a family . We are out in the canoe all the time now ,  not that I couldnt get in it before ,but being 320 lbs makes you really choose to just say no to stuff very easily . Make excuses and just generally live in denial . Now , when things come up ....Its so refreshing to take a moment to think about it and come up with absolutely no reason to say no !!! And what a feeling when you take a chance or just go ahead and do something you've not done for years or never done ever ...and have everything go smoothly and you have a blast doing it ! Very liberating ! 

Anyway , I'm gonna put some new pix up , I know I love to see other transformations , and I'm beginning to actually believe in mine ! My eyeballs and brain are catching up to what's in the mirror when I look at myself .The skin is another issue , but surprisingly I'm nowhere near as bothered by that as I am my hair . And its not too bad actually , my arms have their own soundtrack , but they're ok . My belly was the thing I worried about most but it's ' come up' really good , and doesn't really show in clothes at all , unless I went out in leggings and a boob tube !! Which won't be happening like .....ever ! 😂

Anyway, again I'm very thankful for this forum and all you wonderful people who have helped me through this . To people just starting out , it's honestly a wonderful thing you are doing for yourselves , and if you stick around on this board , you will have acess to so so much wonderful support and endless knowledge and advice . Plus everyone is so lovely 😘

Have a great day guys 

Jax x


on 8/19/15 10:09 am - Toronto , Canada

Hi Jax,

I read all your post! You have such a positive attitude about this, and the post you just posted was a great inspiration to all of us starting out here!! I'm 5 weeks post-op and I am finally getting a hold of things and adjusting.. I totally get the hair thing and that's the only thing that has been really worry  me but like you said this is the best thing I've ever done.  I feel alive again..

Thanks B




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RNY on 12/16/14

Go girly ! Yeah 5 weeks was about the same time I got a handle on things and started to feel comfortable with everything . Alive is the right word ....you don't realize how little you were actually 'living ' until you are able to really 'live '. Crazy isn't it ! Good luck to you darlin , you got this 💖

Jax x


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Nice to hear from you again.  You were always one of my favorite posters way back when ...in the days where I was just "stalking" the forum.  Glad to hear all is well.  That hair thing has got me really worried as well, I can totally understand your devastation!!  So you are about 9mths out now ?  Hopefully your hair losing days are nearly over.  When did it start for you? Did you find anything that seemed to help ? 

I always enjoy your positive outlook and I wish you the best !! 

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RNY on 12/16/14

Hey lovey , thank you for that ! 😊 Yeah the hair thing started around 4 months out , it has slowed down considerably as in not as much coming away at one time ...but still I can run my fingers through it and a good few strands will come away 😕at the beginning it was clumps ! And yes I am around 8 months right now . So fingers crossed it wil stop now ! 

If you have a good head of hair to begin with , I think youll be fine . My lovely surgery twin Chrystal , has a total lions mane of a head of hair , and it still looks wonderful , although she did lose constantly also . I would never have known she was losing hair . Mine is thin and fine due to a severe thyroid condition which I've struggled with since my teens . So it was always a problem for me anyway . But like I say , this in no way out balanced the surgery ....I'd do it again in a heartbeat !! Just some days it gets me down when I want to look nice ya know ? ....on my most frustrated day  I screamed at my hubby when he was trying to comfort me about it ..." I mean ..what's the point of being skinny if I'm Frikkin baldy " !!! 😂😂😂but I'm defo past that now , lol!  

Anyway , good luck dear and don't worry , it's just a wee bump in the road x 

Jax x


on 8/19/15 1:25 pm - Canada

Thanks.....for the info.  I just posted while back I swore my hair thinned in the hospital--( Im obviously paranoid already) but it really did!!   So...... sadly it is what is it, and I know I have no control over it and I will be ok in the end.....but I feel for you and I would react the same way.  You are a beautiful girl and your latest pics are amazing!!

Your smile alone says a thousand words!!!  All the best my dear  

  SW- 260    GW- 150    CW -138    Height - 5'5      RNY- St Josephs Hamilton July 17/2015  

on 8/19/15 2:08 pm

So nice to see you posting on here again!   I am 9 weeks post- op and I spent a good long time cruising through this forum before I made the decision to ask for a referral.  I have always found your posts and responses so positive, upbeat and funny!  Sharing your experiences is so very helpful for all of us newbies- thank you!! 

on 8/19/15 4:34 pm

I love your posts! You're also so positive!

I'm happy to hear you had a great visit with your mom. And it sounds like she was being a typical caring mom worried about how little you were eating.

Congrats on your progress so far. I admire your positive attitude with regards to your hair loss and loose skin...even though it's tough to see all that hair come out. It will grow back and you'll look back at this little bump in the road. Like you, I am finding it so much easier to do things this summer like get in to a boat and accomplish physical activity without thinking about it...you just do it! What a great feeling!

Keep on doing what you're doing!

Tammy :)

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Jax, I am so glad to see your smiling face.  I missed that smile.  The hair will grow back almost as soon as you stop losing.  Don't worry it will slow down very soon.  Mine was thin before and now it is thicker and for some reason really curly.  

You are doing a fantastic job.  You are that woman that likes to exercise, that shops in the normal sized stores for outfits that she absolutely rocks, that feels like living life to the fullest.  You are not becoming that woman, you are already there.  Big hugs.

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on 10/12/16 5:40 pm


im having surgery with dr. Okrainec not 22 and just wanted to follow up with people that had surgery with him, how they are doing and how their journey has been.  


If if you get a chance can you drop a line to let me/us know?  


Hope me you continue to be doing well!!! 


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