A mish mash of non-scale victories/miscellany

on 8/29/15 8:22 am
RNY on 02/04/15

Hello everyone!  Here is my random mish mash "rant" of NSVs, in no particular order.

I just had my six month follow up in mid August.

My hubby bought a flex pack of 10 Blue Jays' games late last year for the current season.  I made him get all aisle seats for us, so that my chubby parts could hang over the free side and that I wouldn't squish anyone.  Being 290 pounds made me feel this way.  Now that I had my surgery back in February, I have lost 92 pounds.  I am now 198.  I can fit in the Blue Jays seats now with room to spare.  I no longer care about an aisle seat.  It feels so good.  And subway seats!  I tell ya I ALWAYS stood on the subway unless it was a near empty train and no one would sit beside me.  Because I squished people.  Now I don't.  I still have a tendency to hold my arms together but I really don't have to.  There is room to spare.

I went to Wal-mart to try on bras.  I haven't been able to fit in to "regular store" bras for about 20 years.  I was able to try on bands that were 38!  38!!  THIRTY-EIGHT. I used to be a 44 I.  Now I am a 38 either F or G.  While there I looked at belts.  I used to wear a 3X belt.  I didn't feel like trying on the belt in the store so I just bought an XL one.  And guess what?  It's almost too big.  I am on the last wrung of the belt so I will have to go back and get an L or maybe even a medium.  Poor me. Haha.

My asthma is in near remission I think.  I have a very infrequent day or two where I feel I may need my inhaler but otherwise I am off of Advair and can't remember the last time I needed a puff of ventolin.  I am also off of Metformin for PCOS and my periods have been so regular for the last few months.  It's been great.

I have so much more energy.  I no longer come home from work exhausted with aching feet ready for a long pre-bedtime nap on the couch.  I am ready to go out and do stuff!  It's great.

I am no longer obsessed with food as in thinking about it all day and craving this that or the other.  Sometimes I even forget to eat or to have my snack and I have to remind myself to pack food for work.  I NEVER thought this would happen.  It's so freeing.

I now run for the streetcar if it is coming, instead of waiting for the next one.  And I am not even out of breath when this happens.

My neighbor asked me "where my sister was, he hasn't seen her for a while".  I told him I didn't have a sister and his mouth dropped to the floor.  He said "Oh my gawd you look amazing". 

I went to Addition Elle for probably the last time a week or so ago.  I bought my last bra from there (a 38 G) and RUNNING SHORTS!  SHORTS FOR RUNNING!  In a size X.  And luckily they have a drawstring so that I can tighten them.

This surgery was so worth it for me.  I feel so blessed. And I love Non Scale Victories WOO HOO!



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on 8/29/15 9:54 am - Canada
RNY on 02/02/15

My gosh! Congrats. 

I know the feeling... bit the bullet and seen some $10 jeans... there was only 1 pair I liked. ... started with a 36... ended with a 32.... and those jeans are now loose!!! Mind you they have a stretchy material in them. But i was in absolute shock!  Bras are the same deal for me! I've dropped 2-3 band sizes in those as well.

And the energy! My gosh the energy!!! It's amazing. 

I was also able to wear heels for a few hours yesterday before the started killing my feet! This has truly been a great decision! I had had a rocky start but still worth it. 

It's wonderful to hear all the good things.





on 8/29/15 10:44 am

Congrats on your NSVs...such amazing changes for the better.

I had my surgery around the same time as you and starting to notice similar changes as you are...the bus seat, running for the bus, and no metformin since surgery for type 2 diabetes and pcos. 

Keep doing what you're doing! I'm so happy for you!

Tammy :)



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Holy Smokes! I've lost 100 pounds from my heaviest weight! Yay me!!!

on 8/29/15 11:15 am - Canada

AWESOME.!!!!  Love to hear amazing updates on how lives have changed for the better 

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on 8/29/15 4:18 pm - Toronto, Canada

When you have reached your goal - I highly recommend that you go to the Bay for a proper bra fitting. The staff who do this really know their stuff. They do not charge for the service. I have done this a couple of times and the outcome has always been different than I expected - and the proper size bra is another life changer. Worth spending a few more $ if you have to -- or time your appointment when they have sales on. http://www2.thebay.com/newsandevents/en/brafit.html

Congrats on your progress to date!

on 8/30/15 9:33 am

Those are great NSVs, that is really funny about the sister comment, oh the things people say eh?  Enjoy and keep on noting those NSVs, they are the best!

Rita I.
on 8/31/15 12:57 am - Canada

Thank you thank you for this great post. It brought tears to my eyes because I understand all the fat feelings you spoke about. Today is my surgery date and I've been lying awake all night. I came on here looking for inspiration and you gave it to me- thank you. Keep up the awesome work!!!

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on 9/3/15 7:12 pm - Canada

So happy for you sweetie! Sounds like you are doing awesome! Enjoying life as it should be xo!


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