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on 9/17/15 12:53 pm - Ontario, Canada
RNY on 04/11/16

So I had a referral to the OBN in July and have been doing the necessary appointments, testing, etc. 

I know the requirements as they relate to BMI and comorbidities.  Until you see the doctor however you don't know the results of tests etc.

I say the Dr. today and as it turn out I have only one true health issue, which is high blood pressure.  My ultrasound showed a "fatty liver" which she said they may consider it in determining my eligibility.

She is going to keep me in the program, as she feels I need to be in it, but the surgeon has the final decision, obviously.

Just wondered if anyone else is or was in my position?  BMI of 38.9 (when I started) and high BP.


on 9/17/15 4:12 pm - Canada
RNY on 11/17/15

My BMI was 39.6 with high BP. I was approved for surgery Sept 11th at TWH.

Referral made Sept 2014 / RNY @ TWH Nov 17, 2015 - Dr T Jackson

Height: 5' 10" | Born: 1966

Lost on 2 weeks Opti - 14.4

Post Surgery - M1 - 16.4| M2 - 16 | M3 - 16.2 | M4 - 10 | M5 - 10 | M6 - 6.2 | M7 - 6.2 | M8 - 1.6 | M9 - 3.6 | M10 - 2.4


on 9/18/15 4:12 am - Ontario, Canada
RNY on 04/11/16

That's encouraging news!  She did say, that she would refer to Toronto not Guelph, as they aren't as strict.

Toronto Girl
on 9/17/15 7:56 pm

My BMI is 37 but I have no health issues. I hadn't considered I wouldn't be approved... 

TWH Referral April 1 2015. Orientation July 2015. Social worker Aug 20. Nurse Aug 27. Nutrition Sept 14. Dietitian Nov 18. Psyc Nov 20. Meet surgeon Mar 4. Surgery Oct 21 (deferred because of travel). Dr. Jackson. 
HW 291, SW 276.

Karen M.
on 9/18/15 3:47 am - Mississauga, Canada

Was your BMI 37 when you were referred? Or have a you lost a little weight since your initial weigh-in? I can't imagine that they would accept your referral and have you come for appointments (I see in your signature that you had a few appointments in August) only to turn around and tell you that you don't meet the criteria.



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on 9/18/15 4:17 am - Ontario, Canada
RNY on 04/11/16

Karen M, that's what I was afraid of too....I have to travel to Windsor (2 hrs away) for these appts.  I have done orientation, nutrition class, nurse consult, SW and then Dr. yesterday.  She is the one that raised the flag I might not be a approved.  It is up to the surgeon. 

I've lost 9 lbs since Aug. 24th and fear as I continue to lower my BMI I am hindering my chances at approval.


Karen M.
on 9/18/15 4:42 am - Mississauga, Canada

I know that generally they use your first weigh-in at the centre to base your weight on, but I too would be concerned if the doctor flagged it. Did the doctor say what the next steps are? Or if they would contact you to discuss?



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on 9/18/15 5:14 am - Ontario, Canada
RNY on 04/11/16

No she just said that she would keep me in the program because she thinks I need to be, but just wanted to be sure that I knew there was no guarantee that I would be accepted.  She said I "should" be.  I go for one on one with the nutritionist and follow up SW on October 30th.  Then follow-up with the Dr. on December 10th.  After that the referral will be made to the surgeon.  Other than the low BMI I'm an excellent candidate for surgery....whoever thought you could be obese but not unhealthy enough?  I will continue with the appointments, I've come this far.  It just took the wind out of my sails a little yesterday.

on 9/18/15 10:17 am - East York, Canada

Hi: The winds were taken out of my sails too. I have jumped through their hoops for almost a year now. I have been approved by all the "team members". My file went through rounds yesterday, and I was told my file was being "held" for 4-6 weeks, with no explaination whatsoever? I feel like I am being punished, or blacklisted for some reason? Others I have talked to got their appt to see the surgeon right after rounds. I have no idea what games they are playing with my file, but it is very stressful to say the least. 

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