Opti 3 month plan

on 9/12/15 3:33 pm - Georgetown, Canada

Hello to the Hive Mind!

Has anyone done the Opti Fast Nutritional plan? This is the one where someone has regained and didn't get approval for a revision and they go on Opti to restart the pouch.

Do you start at the orientation or can you wait and start at your pace? 

Thanks for the advice!


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on 9/12/15 7:46 pm - Welland, Canada
RNY on 12/16/14

I know it's not quite the same thing, but sometimes when I go on vacation or travel, I tend to pick up some bad habits. When I come home I start a regime that is very similar to the pre-ope diet but I use premier protein shakes and add some salad veggies, broth, tea, etc.Maybe that would help? Just get back to basics I would think after that.. protein first, etc.

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on 9/13/15 8:50 pm - Toronto, Canada

I have not lost anything since Aug 10... What if I just drink up the six Opti packets I have left over from before my surgery. I was unable to drink 4 packets a day and that is why I have them leftover. I dont want to eat anyway. I have no interest in food, i make myself have the required protein drinks and meats. Maybe that will Shake things up. I have to see NUT on 30th and i am sure she will be giving me an earful. She willl not believe my log sheets ... I have not gone over 850 calories in any given day. Had required protein and drank enough water. One thing I know is I have lost inches in all measurements and I cant wear any of my rings...they fall off. Very dissappointing, i am really trying my best.

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