Buy a winter coat?!

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I had my surgery March 13 of this year.  I'm down 75 lbs!!!!  Anyways, I need a new winter coat.  I don't know if I should buy a new / second hand?  And maybe wait till next year to buy new?  By then the weight loss will likely have stabilised and I don't think I'll be losing any more.  

Whether I go new or second hand I HAVE to buy one regardless because I don't have one, but just not sure to do new / second hand?


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Old navy will have a 50% off Sale,in the fall check them out!!!!


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RNY on 04/29/13

I found great inbetween clothes at Value Village...great styles and prices. Didn't feel so bad when I passed them on again in the Spring.

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on 9/17/15 9:53 pm

Old Navy and Value Village are great ideas.  I wouldn't spend too much money on a coat right now, you could also check out consignment shops in your area.  

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