Back In Hospital Again.....Unbelievable!!!!

on 9/27/15 9:02 am - Canada
RNY on 11/07/13

Soooo....I was discharged out of TWH last Friday, after an 8 day stay, to finish my recovery from my RNY revision. I had lots of bleeding ulcers that necessitate the revision. 

Came home, thought I was doing OK but one lap site...while it looked perfectly fine (no redness), was incredibly sore! There was a little lump there but I blew it off as just the muscle recovering. 

The next day I started with a fever. I blew that off as well because all 4 of my kids are coming down with colds so I just figured I was next. 

Thursday I wake up and my grape size lump is the size of an orange, my fever has jumped to 104 and the pain is unlike anything I have EVER felt! I know this is bad news so I head to TWH ER. 

They confirm a sepsis infection! A lap site deep down has abscesses badly. They tried to reopen the incision and drain it but nothing would come out! They admit me and start antibiotics. 

A few hours after I get upstairs the surgical team comes in. They want to try to drain it as well, but cut deeper than the ER Doctor did. Success! They drained over a cup of pure nastiness. It was THE.most.disgusting.thing.EVER!! So the wound is now packed and needs to be kept open to drain the infection. 

They were in this morning and estimate that the open hole is about 7cm, but they want Dr.Jackson to assess it tomorrow. They may want to make another incision further up to give the infection two points of escape. 

Can I please get a break now!!? I spent 8 days in here, went home for 6 and now will be here another 7 days! ....and home care will be coming to my house twice a day to pack these wounds for MONTHS!!

I'm sooo ready to move on from all this!! 😡

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on 9/27/15 9:30 am - Canada

I'm sorry to hear your having these complications.  Not nice and I'm sure very frustrating. I hope each day gets better for you. At least you will be home to have your dressings done and not stuck in the hospital.  Take care and sending you some positive healing vibes!!



on 9/27/15 12:18 pm
RNY on 06/15/15

That is awful. Sorry you are going through that, and glad you went to the ER. 

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on 9/27/15 12:51 pm - Toronto, Canada

Unbelievable is right. Im so sorry you are having this trouble. Well things should be good now. Thank goodness you had the sense to go back to ER, sorry you have been in pain. Make sure those nurses pack and fix your dressing often while you are there. Do you have WI FI or are you using your phone. Let us know how you are doing.

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Karen M.
on 9/28/15 3:28 am - Mississauga, Canada

My gawd, what a freakin' ordeal this has turned out to be. I'm so sorry to hear about your continuing issues. You must be feeling so done with all of this.  Wishing you a speedy, complete recovery. xo



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on 9/28/15 6:13 am - Canada
RNY on 11/07/13

Thanks Guys!

So the plan is to go home tomorrow. 

They are going to come in later day and make a second incision a few inches from the main hole they opened up. That way the infection has two exits. 

The hole is being packed right now and they estimate that, due to how big and deep it is, it may take MONTHS to heal! 😕 So I will have home care coming into my house twice per day until this heals. 

It has been a crazy crazy ordeal. I'll be glad to be home and done. My 2 day hospital stay has turned into a 15 day one!

Thanks for the well wishes everyone! 

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on 9/28/15 9:05 am - Toronto, Canada

I"m so sorry you went through all of this. It's been quite a ride for you :-( Glad you have great support at home. Your hubby deserves a medal!!

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on 9/29/15 4:17 am

I feel so bad for you ...I am wishing you a speedy recovery...I hope you are the mend now hun...Take care Krista..

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