What are you eating/doing today? (Tuesday)

Karen M.
on 10/13/15 2:45 am - Mississauga, Canada

Good morning!

Back to the grind today after a fabulous 4 day weekend. We hosted a wonderful family dinner on Sunday but oh my gawd, the leftovers - despite sending many home with my parents and Andrew's sister, I think I'll be eating turkey 'til Christmas lol Long-ish day ahead due to a Committee meeting tonight at 7. My colleague continues on sick leave, a couple of us continue to cover and I sincerely hope she's well enough to return soon. Frankly, it's the least I can do since they all covered for me a couple of years ago when I was ill.

9.5 years post-op

- coffee with cream x 3 over the day -

B - GNC Total Lean (banana)

S - Source Greek (strawberry), a few grapes

L - umm... well, there's turkey and green beans and mushrooms and turnip and a little gravy

S - Chike protein iced coffee

D - same as lunch!

S - likely just coffee/tea

Have a good one,

K. :)



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on 10/13/15 4:23 am - Ontario, Canada
RNY on 01/20/12

Good morning Karen. I am also looking at a few days of hectic times. Today I am picking up swag from AMI then stopping at Costco for supplies then into work. After work the LCBO for wine and beer for tomorrows reception. Lots to do today

b greek yogurt, lean cereal, 1/2 banana

l chili, source yogurt

s apple

d not sure since DH cooking

Have a good day everyone





Karen M.
on 10/14/15 3:41 am - Mississauga, Canada

Your event sounds like a lot of work (for YOU) - at least there's shopping involved. LOL



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on 10/13/15 5:28 am - Peterborough, Canada

You could always make turkey salad instead of chicken!


on 10/13/15 5:43 am

Good morning everyone. DH and I had a fabulous holiday up north. The leaves were spectacular and the weather after Friday was perfect. I got in lots of steps. But as you say Karen "back to the grind today".

Today I am excited because Aqua Cycle starts again. After the pool I have tons of laundry to do, cleanup, and continue sorting clothes, maybe a trip to my local VV to donate some more.

1 year 2 months post op

B. Large decaf latte

S. Egg and turkey sausage patty

L. Turkey with salad on half of a P28 wrap

S. Large decaf

D. Turkey with gravy and some sugar free cranberry, might buy some green beans today

S. The other half of lunch

Looks like a lot of turkey for me today.

Have a great day everyone.

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Karen M.
on 10/14/15 3:39 am - Mississauga, Canada

That is a friggin' awesome idea! :D



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on 10/13/15 5:40 am
RNY on 06/15/15

Morning. First day back at work after two weeks off! Hope I am not crushed by the avalanche of work. Wish me luck!

4 months post op

B premier protein shake

S coffee with cream

L feta, cucumber, tomato salad

D roasted turkey and brussel sprouts

S greek yogurt and strawberries

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on 10/13/15 5:42 am - London, Canada
RNY on 05/31/13

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Morning all,

been awhile since I posted. Hope everyone is well. I have been continuing to adjust to night shift, some days sleeping is better then others....

Eats are wonky...not really an appetite, and eating the wrong things some days.

I am getting back on the and have decided to hit the gym right after work most mornings to try and exhaust my self for better sleep. I need to post here everyday as well. I have missed you guys

B Coffee, 1 egg and some turkey (so much turkey left....)

L veggie burger no bum with all the fixings

S greek yogurt, cherry.

D turkey, gravy, and veggies

S protein coffee

Be well everyone








on 10/13/15 12:09 pm - Toronto, Canada

8 weeks post op

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i was away for the weekend and while I ate well, I still felt off of my game. I am glad everyone seems to have had a good long weekend. I have an expectedly hectic day today, and while halfway over I am still feeling like there is way too much to complete before 7pm. I really hope I can get my butt to yoga tonight.

B-premier protein

L-protini souvlaki

S-slice of havarti, chorizo pepperoni

S-1/2 quest bar

D-4 meatballs and Caesar salad dressing to dip

S-1/2 quest bar

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on 10/13/15 3:06 pm - Canada


I have not yet had my surgery, but I'm curious I see coffee and tea on your menu I thought that was a no, no?


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