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on 10/9/15 9:27 am - Georgetown, Canada

I know we aren't to eat the "bad" carbs, and in my mind that is breads and rice etc.

My question is about fruit. For some reason I can't get enough bananas or raisins on my peanut butter & celery.

Can one of the veterans help me out?



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on 10/9/15 9:40 am - Arnprior, Canada

As long as you are mindful of the carbs and the sugars that are in fruit, you can have some. It's surprising how much sugar is in fruit that you are not aware of. Banana's are high in sugar and so are raisins (concentrated grapes). Because you are eating a sweeter fruit, you might have started craving the sweet.

If you find the craving too powerful, you may have to cut it out for a while again.


on 10/9/15 12:24 pm - Canada

I got into a bad fruit habit, largely started when I began lifting weights and really craving carbs afterwards. I figured fruit was good for me, but eventually I started eating 4 or 5 apples a day, 4 bananas, 3 mini boxes of raisins...and always feeling hungry and wanting to eat more fruit. I finally admitted to myself that all that fruit was messing with my blood sugar and that I needed to make a change (regain is a good wake up call to revisit the eating habits that we can slide into without really being aware!). I have increased my vegetable consumption and limited fruits. I primarily eat 1 to 2 servings of low glycemic fruit per day, usually some type of berry, and I always make sure that it is mixed with a serving of protein (greek yogurt, a protein smoothie or at the end of a meal with protein). I have stopped eating apples and bananas for now, also passing up raisins, mangoes, watermelon and cantaloupe. Its not that I won't ever eat them again, but right now they are a sweet tooth trigger for me. Anything that acts as a gateway food to trigger more sweet cravings is being limited or eliminated right now.

Interestingly, I feel much less hungry! If I am still craving carbs badly after a heavy weight lifting session, I will eat, in conjunction with protein, some sweet potato, peas, quinoa, brown rice or corn. I will also let myself eat a small serving of fiber 1 cereal or 1 serving of Finn Crisp crackers. These are my "go to" and "safe" carbs that seem to agree with me and don't lead me astray.

Watch your eating behaviours and listen to your body and you will figure out what, if any, adjustments need to be made to keep you on track.

Best of luck!

Sandy  Surgery Jan.18,2012 with Dr. Timothy Jackson at TWH.
on 10/9/15 9:24 pm

I don't think anyone actually says that you aren't to eat carbs. In fact at our nutrition class we were told that you can eat carbs and should eat carbs but of course in proper portions.

Karen M.
on 10/10/15 2:52 pm - Mississauga, Canada

"Proper portions" and "proper carbs" are key here - most of us are not so good at either. ;)



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