Need Help - haven't lost in months

on 12/14/15 7:08 am - Canada

I am 10 months post op and haven't lost any weight in the last 4 months.  I am hungry all the time.  I've lost 70 lbs since my surgery, but I still have another 70-80 to loste to get to a healthy BMI.

I don't know if I need therapy or what.  I want to use this tool that I've been given, but I'm really struggling.


Any advice?



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White Dove
on 12/14/15 7:42 am - Warren, OH

If you have not lost in four months then you are eating enough calories to put you into maintenance.  To continue losing weight, you will need to eat less calories.  Get yourself a digital food scale and weigh everything that you eat.

You need a protein forward diet.  Mainly meat, fish, or poultry with non-starchy vegetables.  Do not eat bread, rice, potatoes, cereals, pasta, candy or pastries.  Make sure you get in all of your protein and water each day.

Get a fitness tracker and a smart scale that works with the tracker and with My Fitness Pal.  Track everything and weigh at least once a day.  Staying off the scale puts you into denial.

This will not be easy and talking to a therapist is a great idea.

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on 12/14/15 7:46 am - Peterborough, Canada

Are you tracking everything that you eat every day?  Are you getting your 80grams of protein in?  Drinking lots of water?  My 1st priority is always protein and then if I have room I eat veggies and on the very odd occasion I will have a bite of potatoe or a bite of bread.  For snacks I have turkey pepperettes and melba toast that I will put a laughing cow cheese on it.  If you aren't losing in your first year you are definitely not sticking to the program and it only gets harder after your first year.  The first 18 months is your window to take off as much weight as possible.  I am almost 3 years out and I have been maintaining for the last year.  I get on the scales every day and am very aware of what I am eating.  Does that mean that I never have bad stuff no.  But I make sure I control what I am eating.  Even if it is one chocolate or a bite of a cupcake.  Make sure you go back to basics, weigh your food, limit your carbs and eat your protein.  follow the what are you eating thread -it has great ideas in it and will help keep you on track.  I read it faithfully every day but I don't post very often.

Good luck!  Keep reaching out for help.



on 12/14/15 7:52 am
RNY on 06/15/15

Please post a few daily menus of exactly what you are eating and drinking. That way we can help.

Therapy is a GREAT idea. Do it.

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on 12/14/15 8:12 am - Canada

I appreciate the feedback I'm getting here (I don't need harsh judgement, I'm already doing that myself and it's not helping).  I know that I am eating too many carbs, but I also worry that I'm just eating too much.  Here's a typical day:


8am: Premier Protein choc shake with crushed ice

10 am: 1/3 cup bran buds with greek yogurt and 1/2 cup fresh blueberries

noon: Wendy's full size chicken/apple/pecan salad - I can eat 3/4 of it.

3pm: 2 baby bell light with melba toast

5pm: 2 packs cranberry/almond thinaddictives

7pm: 4 oz roasted chicken, 2 oz roasted carrots, 3 oz roasted potatoes

9:30pm: 30g Special K cracker chips, 15g Mini Chips Ahoy


Referral Sept/13, changed centres to HRRH - Orientation Mar 24/14.  Feb 5, 2015 - SURGERY!!!! HW 286.4 SW 264


on 12/14/15 8:39 am, edited 12/14/15 12:42 am - Ontario, Canada
RNY on 01/20/12

The Wendy's salad has a lot of hidden calories with the pecans and other things they put in.A full salad is 590 calories. Foe me that's 1/2 a days calories

Cranberry almond thins are not allowed in my house because they are too good. Get rid of them, suggest some cheese or a hard boiled egg or any other protein. The thins will not keep you full and you will be hungry again

You dinner is huge. I would never be able to eat that amount of food at one sitting.

Special K crackers. Again empty calories and definitely no cookies.

Check out some recipes from either the Ontario recipe site of eggface

check out the thread What are you eating today for some menu ideas.

Your hungry because you are not eating enough dense protein and carbs that just make you want more. Perhaps go back fro some help with your centres dietitian

 Edited to add

Try using a food tracker like myfitnesspal





on 12/14/15 9:49 am - Arnprior, Canada


I highly suggest you go back to basics.  Are you still journaling?  If not, start, if so, make sure that you are journaling not only food, but activity and emotions.  It may help you see why you are hungry as often as you are.

Are you drinking all of your water each day?  If not, make that a goal.  It will help you with the hunger issues.  Between keeping your belly full, and helping prevent you from looking for water in food.

I agree you are eating too many carbs.  And one downfall of eating carbs, especially complex ones, is that it starts cravings for more carbs.  In order to control it again, some people cut carbs out completely for a couple weeks.  And it may end up that you are a person who will never be able to go back to complex carbs.

If you need help and suggestions for adjusting your menu, talk to your dietician/nut at the clinic.  They can help you get back on track and give you good food choice suggestions.


on 12/14/15 1:44 pm - Canada

Hi Pamela I want to first say I give you a lot of credit to bare all and be honest. As you are well aware of you can not change what you don't  aknowledge. 

And for sure I believe you have. But just listen to the feedback without thinking there is an attack there. These are very experienced people who have been there and know better than anyone what you are doing and WHY. 

You have done the right thing go see a bariatric dietician and 100% you will be  told just what theses people on this site are telling you. A dietician can set up a eating plan that is healthy and open enough that you are deprived of foods you love. 

Start by going on the site and get some meal plans to start you off. 

Now I want to be honest with you and give you my perspective. I don't believe you are a non compliant person I feel there are other issues that affect you that prevent you from giving 100% to your health and wellbeing. You really struck me as smart but have developed bad patterns that have now come back to bite you. 

Be that smart person see a dietician get back on track and resolve underlying issues to make you more successful in the future. You are overeating and eating the wrong foods. So this is very fixable by you !!!!!!

Pamela you got this ok. 

Youve lost 70 lbs already and now you've stopped. NO. Get back in the game Pamela and show yourself and other you are worthy of doing this and being very successful. 

Good luck Pamela wish you all the best. 

PS I see my surgeon tomorrow with possible surgery in January 

please post us and let us know how you do. !!!!!



on 12/14/15 6:37 pm - Rockland, Canada

I think you are one the same path I was. I think you may be a bit high on the carbohydrates. just the late snack is probably 40g. The most successful losers tend to stick to the 50g for the whole day. I followed what white dove told me to do. she has successfully lost regain.

Back to basic is what worked for me. I truly wish you well!


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on 12/14/15 9:28 am - Ottawa, Canada

What Patm said.  Way too many calories and carbs at this stage.  I did a quick count of your calories in my head, and you're probably in the 1300-1500 range (give or take).  That's way too much at this stage (and maybe even in maintenance depending on your activity level).  I aim for 1500 calories a day at three years out, and only because I am very active in the gym.

Think protein first.  Forget the crackers, cookies, potatoes, etc.  Bran buds have a lot of fibre, so I don't see a problem with that necessarily.  But look at the other "carby" elements.  And watch out for those pre-packaged/fast food salads.  Tons of hidden calories.  You would be better off making your own.

Good luck!










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