3 Days Post Op

on 12/21/15 8:30 am - Etobicoke, Canada
RNY on 12/18/15

Well I made it through surgery fine at TWH, staff were amazing, kind and respectful! I was lucky enough to have a great roommate as well who I was able to walk with in the halls.  Dr. Okrainec was my surgeon and he was great as were the team in the operating room, I had a little cry just before I went under and the Nurse (Sandy) just held my hand and wiped away the tears ...and then I was out! I was totally out of it after surgery and slept the night away but was up and walking, sipping and making music the next day. I'm a little sore but it was worth it. Just trying to get all my water/fluids in ... in can be hard but necessary! Good luck to all those who are going into surgery soon ... you will be great!

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on 12/21/15 10:04 am - Toronto, Canada
RNY on 12/19/16

So happy everything went well!  Great job!

on 12/21/15 11:25 am - Canada

Great to hear from you! Glad everything went well! 

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