Bad pains in lower abdomen -thoughts?

on 1/14/16 2:22 pm - Peterborough, Canada

The last couple of days I have been having bad pains in my lower abdomen-below my belly button.  Sometimes the pain felt like contractions and there was a feeling of the pain pushing "down".  I went to emerg last night and they did a urine test and bloodwork and felt around the area -they ruled out twisted bowel as I have had bowel movements and passed gas.  They said my tests all came back clear so they attributed it to irritable bowel-which I have never had a problem with.  I had some left over antibiotics from a previous bladder infection so decided to take them and the pain has definitely gotten better and I don't have that pressure now when I pee but I do get the odd stabbing pain and it hurts to stand up and move too quickly.  I wonder if anyone has any thoughts on what else this could be?  The reason I am worried is because I am going to Mexico Tuesday.  Our hospital isn't the greatest in Peterborough so I wonder if I should go to Toronto?  I did ask about Ulcers being way down in that area and he said no.  Anyone have suggestions?

I am definitely feeling better than I was but I am not 100% yet.



Tracey 112205
on 1/14/16 2:46 pm - Bumfuknowhere, Canada

Definitely doesn't sound like a bowel obstruction or Peterson's hernia.  Sounds like symptoms of a bladder infection to me.  Did they send the urine away to be tested as normally they just dip it in ER to check for blood and nothing more.  I went through a battle about 15 years ago of similar symptoms and urine when dipped was fine but when they sent it to the lab, I did in fact have an infection and as soon as they started to treat it, it went away quickly.

on 1/14/16 3:48 pm - Peterborough, Canada

That was my thought too as I had a prior urine infection and felt the same downward pressure but there was no blood. I know I'm supposed to take all my antibiotics Karen ;). I like to save some for emergencies like this. I have 2 more pills left after tonight and if things are better I will head to clinic to get a real prescription and if not better will go to emerg. Thanks for the feedback Tracey and Karen!!


Karen M.
on 1/14/16 2:53 pm, edited 1/14/16 6:54 am - Mississauga, Canada

Yeah, it does sound like another bladder infection. You're supposed to take all the antibiotics they give you! ;)

If an infection doesn't show - well, I guess based on my own recent experience, I'd go back to the ER. You'll need a CT scan with contrast so they can actually see what's going on in there. A urine test and bloodwork does not show this. Considering you're leaving the country, I would also suggest you don't leave until this is rectified, sorry.

Edited to add:  A Petersen's hernia is NOT the only kind of hernia you can develop, as I have unfortunately learned.



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on 1/15/16 4:48 am - Peterborough, Canada

Feeling much better today!  Thank god I had leftover meds and listened to my gut!  Happy Friday. 


on 1/15/16 6:02 am - Barrie, Canada
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Hey Monica! 

Glad your doing better! I am soooo jealous your going away to Mexico next week! Have a blast!

We just booked a week down to my sisters place in Miami Beach next month. Going with two of our best friends, can't wait! It's been ten years since hubby and I went away on an actual vacation together. It's been 23 years since going without kids! Did I say I CANT wait? 

Keep well pal.


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on 1/15/16 7:47 am - Peterborough, Canada

Hey Stranger!!  Nice to hear from you!  You will have a blast in Miami Beach!!  We were there in March last year before we went on a cruise and wished we could have stayed longer.

Have a wonderful time.  I hope all is well in your world!

I will have a drink or two for you in Mexico ; 0



Debra G.
on 1/15/16 6:15 am - Peterborough, Canada
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Hi Monica, I agree sounds like a bladder infection, although it could be kidney infection. Make sure you drop a sample into your doctors to find out for sure. Have a wonderful HOliday. 

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on 1/15/16 7:49 am - Peterborough, Canada

Thanks Debra!  Nice to hear from you.  How are things going?

I am assuming that the hospital would send it off for further testing!  I think because they didn't see the traditional blood in the urine they ruled out the bladder infection.  I emailed my Dr today to see if he could call in a script for additional pills since I am going away and his office is closed today.  Hopefully he can help if not I will head to a walk in clinic tomorrow.

Take care



Karen M.
on 1/20/16 4:01 am - Mississauga, Canada

Hey Monica, just looking for an update on you! I'm hoping you're sitting by the pool, enjoying the sunshine, and sipping margaritas! ;)



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