Done with the 'Do!

on 2/22/16 8:22 am - Georgetown, Canada

Hello Everyone,

I am just over a year post op and I am done with the straggly hair I am sporting.

Has anyone had experience with Biotin or Priorin?  I have a friend who is taking the Biotin 5000mg but she can only get it stateside.

Is there alternatives that you have had work for you?



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on 2/22/16 10:01 am - Canada

I have been leary of them.  Some people claim they work.....most agree they do nothing to combat the hair loss, but MAY promote hair growth.  My biggest fear is I have read far too many stories about new hair growth on parts of your body in which you never had it before and/or places you DO NOT want it.   

I made the choice just to eat well, and hope for the best.   I do rotate weeks between my regular shampoo/conditioner with the Nioxin back and forth.  I find the Nioxin products seem to boost up the volume and make my blow outs appear fuller.  I also get highlights that give the hair more lift especially at the root.  Never underestimate the power of a good cut and products.  GOOD LUCK !!

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on 2/22/16 10:50 am - Ottawa, Canada
RNY on 02/13/12

Like all supplements, balance is important. Rather than taking a single 5000mcg capsule per day, you would be better served to take three 1000mcg (which are available locally) capsules daily. Get in the habit of taking them with your calcium+D supplements. Personally, I take a single capsule and probably should step up a notch, however my wife has had amazing success with a single daily dose at 1000mcg.

However if you really do want the 5000mcg dosages, has the Now Foods Brand on for $9.71 (60 capsules). Free shipping is available for orders over $29 and they have a three day 25% event right now.

I used to find that supplements were always less expensive at Walmart in the US but with the exchange it's simply not worth our while to take the 45 minute from Ottawa to Ogdensburg.

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