numbness in feet

on 5/8/16 5:15 am

Hi all,  I have had numbness in my feet for about four months now.   I am just over 1 year post op.  I first noticed the numbness in my right leg.   It goes from about mid calf to my foot but only on the top.   A few weeks ago it spread to my left leg as well.   My vitamin levels are good.   I've seen a neurologist and I have an MRI scheduled for August. 


Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this.   It does feel like my foot has gone to sleep but there is no pain or tingling it is just numb.   It makes it difficult to walk or put on my shoes.  

I can't stretch out my legs because it causes leg cramps.   I do notice I trip more often because I'm unable to use my feet properly.   I can't tip them up too do the heel - toe motion I seen to have to lift my leg and the whole foot just slaps down.   It's not drop foot because my arches are still fine. 

Any insight? 

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on 5/8/16 5:14 pm - Elliot Lake, Canada

have they checked your b12? the reason i ask this is years ago i had a b12 deficiency way before i had bypass surgery. I was 17 and they did all kinds of testing on me because its not normal to be 17 and have such a severe b12 defiency as i did have. I had issues with numbness in my arms and legs and it was related to a severe b12 deficiency.  I would be asking to see a specialist this doesnt sound good at all.

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