weight up 3 pounds...then down 4???

on 6/27/16 7:22 am - toronto, Canada

I am a little bit freaking out lol

I am 1 year post RNY; 85 pounds down and am stalling terribly.  I have logged on My fitness pal for 1 week everything that goes in my mouth.  I don't think I am eating enough, trying to get in as much protein as I could possibly digest.


Ok so this is my question: I weigh myself in AM 198/weigh in before bed 199.5 weigh in the next morning 195!!!

I have never owned a scale in my life until after my surgery and now I am obsessed.  I have come a long way from a few years ago but feel I am now stuck.  I feel great and am happy to experience the non scale victories although I am afraid that if I don't loose another 60 pounds this early out I will have an issue with weight gain in the future. 

All of my pre surgery medical issues are GONE so I am thrilled but in the same breath scared.  I have started walking more and being a little more active but clearly not enough. 

Does any one else feel the same way?



on 6/27/16 7:50 am - Peterborough, Canada

I only weigh myself in the mornings-naked after a pee lol.  I never get on at night.

What was your starting weight and what do you weigh now?

You should post your food on the what are you eating doing today thread-people are good to offer advice.  It also gives you ideas when you see others menu ideas and stats.

What does a typical day look like for food?


on 6/28/16 10:39 am - toronto, Canada

Thank you Monica

on 6/27/16 7:50 am - Toronto, Canada
RNY on 06/06/16

Its normal for weight to fluctuate throughout the day. I know some people like to weigh themselves everyday but honestly I think this would drive me nuts. My friend who had the sleeve caught herself getting obsessed too and finally settled for weighing herself once a week, Wednesday mornings right after her morning pee. Try weighing yourself once a day or once every other day instead of multiple times in one day.

Do you measure your inches? I hear sometimes you loose inches even if you're not seeing the scale move.

on 6/28/16 10:40 am - toronto, Canada

Thank you

White Dove
on 6/27/16 8:54 am

Your body needs 10 calories per day for each pound that you maintain.  Losing 85 pounds means that you need 850 less calories per day than when you started.

The smaller we get, the less food we can eat just to stay the same.  As others have told you, only weigh in the morning.  We all weigh more at night than in the morning.

When you get to 135, so that will mean you will need 1350 calories per day to maintain that weight.  You need 1950 per day to stay where you are.

To continue losing weight after one year takes a lot of effort.  Walking and other activity is great for your body and well being, but won't do anything to help you lose weight.  Only eating less will do that for you. 

Start tracking your food with My Fitness Pal.  Be honest with yourself about calories taken in.  I have to cut to 900 calories a day to lose a pound a week.  If you cut to 900 calories a day, you will lose two pounds a week.  Do it now while you still have your malabsorption. 

It will get much harder after another year and your body is absorbing again.

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on 6/28/16 10:40 am - toronto, Canada

Thank you

Leslie W.
on 6/27/16 10:28 am - Cobourg, Canada

I got so obsessed with scale I would take it out on my hubby when he moved the scale from the 'skinny' spot on the floor.

You identified you don't think eating enough protein. Shake things up and get your protein up. Stay well hydrated in the hot weather.

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on 6/28/16 10:40 am - toronto, Canada

Thank you

on 6/30/16 4:55 pm

Could it be water weight?  That time of the month?  If it is hot and humid, I retain water like crazy, so I too

only weigh in the morning.

Don't panic.  

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