What are you eating/doing Monday?

on 7/18/16 4:26 am - Ontario, Canada
RNY on 04/11/16

3-1/2 months Post-Op

Good morning everybody, and what a GREAT Monday morning it is!! Made it into the single digits, down 4 lbs this week to 209.4

Nothing going on at work today, another long boring day I'm sure, and too hot and muggy to go walking at lunch.

B - skyr yogurt with mixed berries

S - deli turkey and pickle

L - Farmboy meatballs

S - old cheddar and 1/2 cup cherries

D - BBQ chicken boob

S - deli turkey

Cal 791, Carbs 35, Protein 88

Have a good day everyone.

Over 100 lbs lost! and 13 lbs below goal weight!

on 7/18/16 6:37 am, edited 7/17/16 11:37 pm - Ontario, Canada
RNY on 01/20/12

Good morning Ginny. It is hot and muggy out there. I hope to go swimming at lunch. Not much happening here at work either. Does make for a long day. My menu seems to have a lot of calories. I had a weekend of indulgences and should really be cutting back. I have listed my dinner as high. DH has made hamburgers and I am never sure exactly what he puts in them. They are always very good. 

b greek yogurt, blueberries,

l lemon and dill tuna, melba toast, 1/4 c of kale salad, source yogurt

s celery laughing cow

d hamburger (no bun), slice of cheese, salad with dressing and a little blue cheese

s yogurt to take meds

cal 1207, carb 109 (way too high), prot 94





on 7/18/16 8:14 am

Congratulations on hitting the single digits Ginny.  Now full speed ahead to Onderland.  It's a wonderful place and you will never want to leave it.

Pat enjoy your swimming today.

Went swimming this morning, and am doing laundry and cleaning this afternoon.  I watched the Jetsons cartoon as a child.  They had a robot maid.  Where is my robot maid, I could sure use one.  Oh well, at least I don't have the old wringer washing machine and nobody expects me to iron everything (or at least they just aren't brave enough to ask)

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on 7/18/16 8:14 am - Kitchener, Canada
RNY on 10/24/13

Morning all. It is hot out there today. Believe it or not, i did nothing yesterday. I had a true lazy day and i loved it. Oh well, back to the grind today. cleaning, doing paper work for school and gym later on.

Well bounce away Ginnny. Always nice to see the scale going down. Keep at at, you are doing a great job.

How were the anniversary celebrations last night CC, nursing a hangover, lol? Hope you had fun. Last night i tried to make some dessert from some cottage cheese i had in the fridge i had forgot about. I wanted to make scones or something like that but much to my surprise, it came out like cheese cake. Just blended 3 eggs, 2 cups cottage cheese, 1/2 cup almond flour, lemon zest and juice, some caramel sugar free syrup and baked for about an hr. It was pretty good too. Got about 12 servings.

2 1/2 yrs post op

B - Coffee 5%, 1/2 cup oatmeal, 1 tbsp pb

L - 2oz pork

S - protein shake

D - 2oz short ribs, 1/8 cup mustard greens, 1/8 cup cornmeal

S - 2oz chicken thigh

Calories: 717, carbs 32, fat 37, protein 72

Have a great day all, Nia.

on 7/18/16 8:15 am - Canada

Good morning!!

Lots happening this week. We just got home from Ireland yesterday.  Gained one pound. Their food seems much healthier. When we went to Florida my hands were sore and swollen from all the salty food. Now I have to get out of vacation mode.

In other news, my aunt's house sold after two days on the market. We finalized the offer so I'm just wrapping things up there.

I had a few extra carbs on our trips so I'm back to the plan today. So far I've had Greek yogurt with a bit of cereal, and a leftover protein bar. I took quite a few healthy snacks with me and most of them are gone. My favourites were roasted chickpeas and the simply protein stuff in raspberry coconut.


on 7/19/16 12:56 pm

Had my best food day ever on Monday ... hit 55g of protein and 56oz of water.

And felt good!   Proud of myself and happy I am so close to hitting the lower end of goal levels.

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