What are you eating/doing today (Wednesday)?

on 8/10/16 2:46 am - Ontario, Canada
RNY on 04/11/16

Well nothing good about this morning!  Hubby had to be up at 3:30 this morning, sadly, I've been awake since then also, Le Sigh!

Will have a couple of coffees this morning (can't even say to get me going because they're decaf) but I don't want to eat breakfast too early or it will throw off my entire day.

Have a meeting this morning and then working on my Job Evaluation.....they want me to take on another role so I need to get the pay u***** go!  I did enroll in a Municipal Law program last week, that should keep me on my toes this fall.

Eats today:

B - 1/2 turkey sandwich with cheese on weigh****cher bread

S - Greek Yogurt

L - zucchini pizza casserole

S - devilled egg

D - spinach salad with chicken breast and berries with goat cheese (having dinner at my friends, she makes the best salad)


Calories 924, Carbs 46, Protein 91  (YIKES all good calories tho, right?? )

Over 100 lbs lost! and 13 lbs below goal weight!

on 8/10/16 3:02 am

RNY  7 Years 4 Months Post Op 


Nice to see someone else up this early!  I'm also sitting here drinking my coffee and waiting 2 hours before breakfast and my morning vits.  Good luck with your evaluation. 

Out for both lunch and dinner today.  Late Lunch with my oldest friend which means we will talk a long time so I may go directly to  meet my brother for dinner.  Taking a cooler with me for water and to put my leftovers in.

STEPS  :  12,926


B  -  3.5 oz ( weighed, not eyeballed ) of leftover meatballs in tomato sauce.   2 TB  of parmesan on top


S -  Jack links teriyaki jerky 100 calorie pack  


L  -  avocado and tomato salad with grilled chicken 


D  -  5 oz of beef tenderloin 

       Few bites green veg


S -  source greek yogurt 


MYFITNESSPAL totals for the above menu are :   Calories  -  1,139,  Carbs  -  58 Grams,   Protein -  121 Grams,   Fibre  - 9 Grams 


All water and vits 

Have a great one   







on 8/10/16 3:15 am

AND, now you have an avatar.   Thankyou!  So much easier for quick identification. 






on 8/10/16 4:44 am

Good morning everyone.  Ginny good luck with the evaluation.  Birdie have fun with your friend and brother.

Yesterday I went out with one of my oldest friends.  We saw a matinee movie and it felt like we were playing hookie, lol.

Today I am going to lineup at Service Ontario for when they open.  Then I have to do some chores and start packing because we are going on a mini vacation.  Hoping to get some beach time and swimming in on the weekend.  Also hoping to listen to some good live music.  I will pack a cooler with some good protein choices.  I may not get back to post until next week, so have a great rest of the week everyone.

CENTURY CLUB MEMBER at 6 months post-op.

Referral to Guelph Feb/13, Sleep study and all bloodwork and ultrasound May/13, orientation July/13. Nurse, NUT,SW Sept/13, 2nd NUT, nurse and SW, 3rd round and cleared for surgery Dec/13. Pre-op Apr 7/14, Surgeon May 2/14, Opti Jul 3/14, surgery Jul 17/14.

on 8/10/16 6:33 am - Canada

Good morning :)

I think I joined Ginnny and Birdie in the early-risers club. Woke up at 4:30am and couldn't fall back asleep. Got up and had a relaxing bath, then worked on a puzzle my brother and I started last night. I haven't done one in forever. He was surprised when he woke up and I had finished the border ;)

Breakfast - protein pop

Snack - carrots and pb

Snack 2.0 - protein bar (since my timing is messed up)

Lunch - leftover chicken, veg

Snack - beef

Dinner - ham steaks

All water and vits.

on 8/10/16 8:08 am - Kitchener, Canada
RNY on 10/24/13

Morning early risers. I just woke up and could use a few more hours of sleep. Good luck with the evaluation G. Have fun Barb and enjoy your trip CC. I will be going on vacation soon as well in 2 weeks, can't wait. I was planning to walk this morning but it's getting too hot, so maybe i'll walk later tonight when it gets cooler.

2 1/2 yrs post op

B - Coffee 5%, 1 boiled egg, 1 weetabix

S - 2 oz chicken breast

L - 2oz lamb chops, 1/2 cup green beans

S - 1oz jalapeño cheese, 1/8 cup frozen grapes

D - 1/2 pigs trotter, 1/4 cup romano beans

S - whatever is leftover from the day, 1 cottage cheese cake

Calories: 854, carbs 39, fat 44, protein 83

Have a great day all, Nia.

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