Anti inflamatories for Arthritis

on 9/28/16 7:35 am - toronto, Canada

Hello my friends hope this email finds you well and healthy.

I have been just diagnosed with the start of arthritis in my lower back.  The pain gets so bad that I take 1/2 Percocet instead of taking 3 Tylenol extra strength every 3 hours.  That seems to help and I don't take them often.


My Dr. prescribes me Celecoxib 2x daily with a Dexilant for protecting my stomach.  He knows that I cannot take anti inflam meds after RNY but says that I should be ok.  I don't want to doubt him bc he is an amazing Dr. 


Any advice?

on 9/28/16 7:49 am

I would check with your program.  They seem pretty adamant about no NSAIDS if you've had RNY ... I think they are a little more flexible with sleevers.

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on 9/28/16 10:42 am

I agree with Betty.  Call you Centre and ask.  Dealing with ulcer pain is excruciating.   Ulcers are the #1 reason we are told never to take NSAIDS.  Ask about alternatives like injections for your back.  Sending you hugs.  Arthritis is a *****  Swimming has helped with my back, but it's a balancing act between moving and moving too much.

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