***REMINDER TONIGHT*** West Toronto/Etobicoke Coffeechat Thurs Apr 20th **Everyone...

Lorraine M.
on 4/20/17 5:55 am - Canada

************REMINDER TONIGHT************

Hi Everyone,

The West Toronto/Etobicoke coffeechat support group is having our monthly get together on Thurs April 20th at 6:30 pm at Tim Hortens/Wendy's located at 2013 Lawrence Ave W (just east of Weston rd on the south side next to the firehall). Everyone is welcome. That includes pre and post ops at any stages.

Hope to see you there !


Modest_ Goddess
on 4/20/17 10:59 am - Canada
RNY on 08/14/17


This is my first post but I'm a notorious lurker in the "Ontario Forum". I have never noticed this group before, is it new? Are there many attendees?


Lorraine M.
on 4/20/17 1:53 pm - Canada


This is not a new group. I joined when I was pre-op and that was over 5 1/2 years ago. At that time we met at the Tims on Dundas by six points plaza. The people at that time dont attend anymore with the exception of Judy (we are 1 month apart in surgery dates) and a few others that have joined and stayed along the way. Some are 4 and 3 years out and a few are just a few months out or even pre-op. It varies. We usually meet once a month but occasionally skip a month if the core group members cannot make it. We are a very nice group of ladies. On any given night we may have between 5-10 attendees. It is very informal. We just get together and chat for a couple hours. People have come and gone. Tonight I am only expecting about 5-6 people as others had other committments. Sometimes we dont even talk much weightloss stuff, depends on who is there and what the needs of the group are. I usually try to set time aside for newbies to ask their questions and see how we can help. We support each other in any way we can. WLS is a difficult but rewarding lifelong journey.

Not sure where you are coming from but we love to get new members. Hope you can attend.


on 4/20/17 1:52 pm - toronto, Canada

cant wait to see everyone. i will get there by 630 in order to take everyones coffee orders as i have a gift card that was given to me for all of us.

See you soon


Lorraine M.
on 4/20/17 1:55 pm - Canada

Thanks Lisa! see you soon


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