New here.

on 8/3/17 2:32 pm

I have been reading all of your updates, and posts for some time now and decided to come out of the shadows. I am waiting to meet a surgeon @ St. Joe's in Hamilton. I completed all of my appointments on July 19th, and am feeling stressed with the wait. I just can't wait to finally be on the way to living the life I know is meant for me, and not be restricted in this body.

on 8/3/17 2:49 pm
RNY on 08/16/17

I'm going through st.joes also! I know it will feel like it's dragging on but I swear the second you meet with the surgeon it will fly by. I'm going for my surgery aug.18 with dr.anvari

on 8/3/17 3:19 pm

Thanks for the encouragement.

I am trying to stay positive, and be patient. How long did you wait to get to meet the surgeon, and then get a surgery date ?

on 8/3/17 7:54 pm, edited 8/3/17 12:54 pm
RNY on 08/16/17

It took me about 6 months for the whole process, but I went through the Wharton medical clinic(there linked with st.joes, basically Wharton does all of the pre op and post op stuff and st.joes does the surgery) from my surgical referral to seeing the doc took about a month and from seeing the doc to getting a surgery date also took about a month.

hope that helps

on 8/3/17 5:06 pm

I feel the same way, and I'm way earlier in the process. Now that I'm decided and committed to this path, I'm ready to get going! It's hard to wait. Just trying to take advantage and work on my eating habits to make things easier for after the surgery.

on 8/3/17 5:37 pm

Hey Katie, I remember the wait in the beginning stage is tough too, but once they get you going to various appointments you feel like your accomplishing something. I understand why it's such a long journey, and it's good to have this time to work on eating habits, and get your head around the major changes that will take place. I'm just ready to have this part behind me, and get on with it.

Best of luck to you Katie

Vertical sleeve, Sept 15

on 8/3/17 8:00 pm
RNY on 01/16/18

I'm going through St. Joe's as well and I am in a waiting pattern too. I've finished all testing and am waiting for my next Nurse/Dr appt. The wait is hard.

Referral - May 31/17; Orientation - June 15/17; First Appt Nurse - June 26/17; Bloodwork and ECG - June 27/17; Sleep Study - July 5/17; Dietician Appt - July 10/17; Counsellor Appt - July 10/17; Abdominal Ultrasound - July 10/17: Endoscopy/Colonoscopy - July 25/17; Second Dietician Appt - September 14/17; Internist Appt - October 2/17; Meet the Surgeon - November 21/17; Pre Surgery Nutrition Class - January 12/18; Surgery - January 16/18