Thorold / surrounding area

on 9/5/17 6:26 pm

Good news is... I have two boxes of Opti fast. 1 chocolate, 1 Vanilla FREE to someone who has an upcoming surgery.

Downtown Thorold for pick-up anytime

Vertical sleeve, Sept 15

on 9/5/17 7:58 pm

I in theory have a surgery date coming up. I am just on the other end of Niagara but can head that way one evening if they are available.

Lap Band - 07/08 (not filled long) Referral OBN 04/16, Orientation 09/16, Nutrition Workshop 4/7/17, Nurse 4/24/17, Psych 5/15/17, Dietician 5/24/17, Internist 6/13/17 Consent 7/10/17 Surgery 9/29/2017

HW 4/17: 267 Opti Start 9/16/17: 254 Surgery 9/29: 240.8 M1:-18 M2:-14 M3:-9 M4:-5 M5:-6

on 9/5/17 8:29 pm

They are yours if you want them . Inbox me to set up pick up arrangements. I am literally open to anytime, any day you can find your way to Downtown Thorold prior to, or a week after my surgery the 15th of September.

Vertical sleeve, Sept 15