I made it home

on 9/18/17 10:59 am

Thanks for the well wishes everyone.

I had a pretty rough go of it , but my surgery was a success . They sleeved me instead of bypass which I wasn't happy with. I am grateful to have that part behind me. Sipping and walking for the next several days.

Vertical sleeve, Sept 15

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on 9/18/17 11:00 am - Brampton , Canada
RNY on 09/12/17

Sorry you didn't get the bypass, did they say why? On the plus side, you are now home and on the road to recovery!

on 9/18/17 6:58 pm

As far as I was told is my previous surgery left a lot of scar tissue, and my blood pressure went through the roof so they did what they could and got me to recovery where I spent 8 hours vomiting. No fun..

Thanks for your support Tanya C

Vertical sleeve, Sept 15

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on 9/18/17 7:17 pm - Brampton , Canada
RNY on 09/12/17

Ahhh, the dreaded previous scar tissue. A friend of mine is terrified that she will be sleeved instead of bypassed for that reason.

im so sorry you had a rough surgery day, but here's to smooth sailing from here out!

on 9/19/17 5:12 am - Belleville, ON
RNY on 07/11/17

I also got a surprise sleeve. For what its worth, at two months out I am happier that it was done this way. I didnt research the VSG very much (well...at all) pre surgery as I was told I was getting a bypass. Turns out I have non rotation of my intestines, which is a fancy way of saying everything is pretty much on the opposite side from where it should be, and so I ended up sleeved to prevent further confusion should I ever need emergency abdominal surgery in future. The sleeve is working for me very well. I likely wont have the same malabsorption issues that can come with the bypass, I keep my pyloric valve so less risk of dumping (I have had no issues, though some people swear they still can get it), according to both my surgeon and the two dietitians I see, while bypass patients lose more quickly in the beginning, after about 12-18 months they are pretty evenly matched, and in most cases vsg patients can lose for a longer period of time than bypass patients. Not sure how much documentation there is supporting this, and for all I know they are simply trying to make me feel better, haha, but what I can say is that I am losing fairly steadily. Yes I have little plateaus, but I am down 37 inches all over, 66 pounds total from the beginning of journey (day one of pre surgical liquid diet) and feel pretty amazing over all.

I understand the disappointment. I felt the same.... but read up on it and ask a lot of questions. You may find this will work as well, or better, than what you had planned! :)

on 9/19/17 10:43 am

Thank you Sheacat.

I didn't research VSG at all either because I was also told I was having gastric bypass. Suffice it to say I was dumbfounded when they told me the next day that I had a vertical sleeve. Like it or don't it's all said and done , and I can't get another go of it so I plan to make the best of this tool to reach my goals. I'm still feeling crappy but I am doing my research now while I recover.

I believe everything happens for a reason. I am grateful to have had this opportunity to get on the loser's bench with all of you.

Take care of yourself


Vertical sleeve, Sept 15

on 9/19/17 3:29 pm - Belleville, ON
RNY on 07/11/17

I understand the dumbfounded!! I was told by the surgical resident (whom I hadn't met previously) as soon as I came out of surgery. I wasn't even awake, haha. So here I am, not awake, some guy I don't know is telling me I didn't get a bypass and my intestines were wonky. I guess I cried... my husband says I did, but I honestly don't remember that. It took some time, and lots of reading and asking LOADS of silly questions before I was ok with it! Hang in there, and feel free to message me to complain. I have been there, so I understand the need to just say GRRRR about it. I was, and am, very grateful to have this opportunity, however, it IS ok to be sad, upset, disappointed, and/or angry that it didn't go the way you prepared for. :) It doesn't make you a monster, it makes you human.



on 9/20/17 12:34 pm
Revision on 10/04/16

sorry you got the surprise surgery. I knew going in it was a risk for me. I hope you are feeling better and I'm sure you'll have success.

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on 9/18/17 11:18 am

Glad to hear you are home and on the road to recovery. Did they tell you why you got the sleeve? I understand that we are not given our preference, per se, but I thought RNY was more prevalent.

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on 9/18/17 11:46 am

First - thank goodness.. second sorry for this but... yay another sleever .. take care!!