smells are making me nauseous

on 10/16/17 5:19 pm

Hi Everyone, I am 4 weeks out from vsg and suddenly the past few days everything I have been eating is making me nauseous. It's not so much the taste , but the smell of yogurt, cottage cheese, my sf lemon ice tea shots in my water, and even the smell of baked chicken for supper disgusted me. I have an automatic air freshener in my home that has been there for most of the year spraying every 30 minutes or so, and the smell of the air freshener had me wanting to vomit so I had to turn it off.

I sure hope this doesn't last too long cuz it's making life difficult, and presenting quite a challenge to get food in.

I saw in the search bar that it is common , but oh so unexpected.

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on 10/16/17 5:36 pm
RNY on 09/12/17

I'm finding the same thing Terrylynn. Although, most of the time with the food I am making I am really enjoying the smell and taste of food. Actually things that do smell bad just smell worse. It's just a heightening of smell. I've had it since being in the hospital actually.

I hope things get better for you and that you can navigate your way through this.

Hang in there.


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on 10/16/17 6:16 pm

I am right there with you. My scents are anything sweet and garlic or beer. The later proves fun when my husband wants a kiss after eating dinner and having a beer...

It hit me after 5 or 6 days after surgery and it is quite annoying! I am just over 2 weeks out now and it is still going strong. I talked with the nurse at my 1 week appointment and she said for some it goes away and for others it does not.

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on 10/16/17 6:56 pm

I wonder if it is the hormonal changes that are happening to you that is causing the adverse reactions to smells. I'm still pre-op but have had many hormonal issues in my life and that seemed to be one of the common side effects. Hope it passes soon!

on 10/16/17 8:21 pm
RNY on 09/01/17

Oh no! I def have a heightened sense of smell but am not nauseous. I hope that passes quickly for you.

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Linda M.
on 10/17/17 6:18 am - Orillia, Canada

Hi Terrylynn,

Like Barb, I had some sensitivity to smells and what went down well one day upset me the next.

I think you need to take advantage of the gustier fall winds and open your windows to keep the fresh air blowing through - especially when cooking. If your family thinks it's too cold, suggest sweaters and slippers as I do when I'm trying to keep hydro costs down - lol. I'm a mean, but energy efficient momma!

For me, it wasn't severe and for the most part, did pass. The odd thing still effects me, but I can't remember what or when was the last time I had such an occurrence.

Also try baking soda in the fridge or on the counter and any more natural "scent eaters" that may help to discipate affecting odors.

You're doing great. Let us know how you make out.

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on 10/17/17 7:41 am

Hi Terry,

3 weeks post op my heightened sense of smell is what landed me back in hospital bc everything made me naseous and vomit! My husband cooked bacon and I instantly vomited! Do your best and try to get in the liquids at minimum!

I now have an anti naseous med that I take prn!

All the best, I know it sucks!